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The Center for Research and Scholarship, “CRS”, is the principal source of research and scholarship support for faculty in the College of Nursing and Health Innovation. Research faculty and students successfully submit grants and request support services through the CRS every year. With changing conditions often on the forefront, the CRS readily adapts as needed to ensure services remain timely.

Our Center is here to provide resources to assist with all stages of the research process. The Faculty Resources section provides links that assist with idea development including libraries, on-line and web-based health information, government & health-related agencies, nursing collection and nursing specialty sites (academic & practice) and health agencies and associations.

Resources available also include grant writing ideas and guidelines. Funding proposal submission information can be found on the Funding Opportunities page. Publication and Presentation information is also provided to assist with the dissemination of research findings.

The Associate Dean and CRS staff invite all faculty and staff to use these and other Center for Research and Scholarship services. Send ideas for web links and/or comments on our web site to

Welcome from Dr. Fadel

Research is vital as we continue to build the academic basis of our discipline, promotion of nursing science through the development, use, and evaluation of nursing research to advance the promotion of safe, high quality, cost-effective patient care. We aim to be at the forefront of clinical care and research. The Center is dedicated to facilitating faculty research and providing consultative assistance to faculty and doctoral students in several aspects of proposal development and grant implementation. Specific services include literature searches and retrieval, data entry and analysis, transcription, teleform services and poster presentation assistance. The Center supports an environment in the College of Nursing that is conducive to research, scholarship and the advancement of nursing science.

I hope you will find the Center's staff helpful in supporting your scholarship, publication and other professional routes of dissemination of scientific work. We look forward to working with you.

Paul Fadel, PhD

Moritz Chair in Geriatrics

Professor; Associate Dean for Research; Director, Clinical Translational Research; Area of Specialization: Exercise Physiology

Department of Kinesiology

Portrait of Paul Fadel in the S E I R building


Phone #: 817-272-6734

Office: PKH 504

Research Focus: My research focus is on the investigation of neural control of circulation at rest and during exercise in human health and disease with a specific emphasis on the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system.


  • Consultation

  • Data entry and analyses

  • Faculty development

  • Grants administration

  • Liaison with campus research administration and collaborating agencies

  • Literature search and retrieval

  • Presentations and publishing development

  • Statistical consultation

  • Qualtrics setup/development


  • Budget preparation

  • Identifying potential funding, presentation, and publishing opportunities

  • Manuscript/proposal idea development and preparation

  • Obtaining IRB approval

  • Processes to facilitate data collection, data management, and dissemination of results

  • Subcontract negotiation

Mission Statement

The mission of the Center for Research and Scholarship is to create a fertile environment for faculty to pursue research and scholarship and to provide research support to all faculty and students in the College of Nursing and Health Innovation.

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The Center is located in Room 121, Pickard Hall. Reach us by phone at 817-272-6734. Email us at

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