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The Department of Graduate Nursing offers master’s specialty degrees that prepare students for advanced practice, management, and research endeavors to address a changing health care landscape. Both full-time and part-time study options are available as well as online and classroom-based programs. 

Our innovative doctoral programs – DNP and PhD – prepare clinical and research leaders to advance nursing and improve health care in our local community and around the world.

The Nurse Practitioner programs are available as degree-seeking MSN and as post-MSN certificate programs. Students seeking the MSN degree with NP preparation must meet the admission criteria.  Students seeking a post-masters certificate must have completed an MSN from an NLNAC or CCNE accredited program. Depending on course work completed for the MSN and current advanced practice status (as applicable), an individualized certificate degree plan will be developed.

Portrait of Heather Skrivanek wearing a white coat.

Faculty Spotlight: Heather Skrivanek

Dr. Skrivanek transferred to UT Arlington in 2016 as an assistant clinical professor and assumed the role of director of Pediatric Primary Care, Pediatric Acute Care, and Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Programs. She returned to school for a Post Master’s Certificate in PMHNP at Midwestern State in 2019. During her time at UTA, she has been employed in outpatient community pediatrics at a private clinic and will be starting at a private outpatient psychiatric practice in fall of 2020.

On-Campus vs. Online Comparison

Campus Based MSN

Accelerated Online MSN

Mixed-format Coursework:

  • Online
  • Hybrid: online mixed with a small number of in-person meetings (typically 3)

On-Campus: in-seat with regular meetings

100% Online Coursework: No Requirement to Attend Class on Campus

Better Suits Interactive Learners

Better Suits Independent Learners

Better Suited for Students Favoring More Direction and Feedback

Requires Self-Directing and Self-Disciplining Learners

Better Suits Auditory/Kinesthetic Learners

Better Suits Visual/Verbal Learners

More Direct Communication

Asynchronous Communication

Multiple Courses Offered/Taken During a Traditional Semester

One Intensive Course at a Time

Smaller Class Size with Traditional Instructors

Larger Class Size with an Instructor/Coach Model

Requires a Commitment to Attend Courses Offered On-Campus and Technical Aptitude/Resources (such as reliable high-speed internet) for Hybrid/Online Courses

Requires Technical Aptitude/Resources (such as reliable high-speed internet)

Fall and Spring Start Dates Each Year

Multiple Start Dates Each Year

Hands-On Access to UTA's SMART Hospital and Labs during Clinicals

Will Depend on Your Own Clinical Arrangements

More Traditional Graduate Student Experience

More Cost Efficient

Program Designed for a Full-Time Student Completing 2-3 courses per semester to Finish in 24 Months

Program Designed for a Continuously Progressing Full-Time Student to Finish in 24 Months

Clinical Requirements

The clinical requirements included in the MSN Nursing Education and  MSN and Post Master's Certification Nurse Practitioner programs at UTA are intended to provide students with experiential learning opportunities to enable them to transition successfully into the role of the nurse educator or nurse practitioner. An essential part of each clinical experience is active, hands-on practice, guided by a licensed preceptor with expertise in their advanced nursing practice specialty.

Clinical placement at The University of Texas at Arlington in the Department of Graduate Nursing is a collaborative process with each student. Students are asked to locate a preceptor which is aligned with their program requirements; however, the Department of Graduate Nursing will provide assistance with clinical placement when a student is experiencing difficulty. Clinical placement policies are available in the Graduate Nursing clinical management system, InPlace and are available to all students upon admission.

Graduate Nursing Clinical Clearance Requirements



Note: Some graduate programs have required courses and events scheduled on Saturdays. Please consult with the director of the program you are interested in, before applying for admission.

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