Kinesiology Study Abroad

Our Study Abroad programs are currently suspended. See the program below for an example of our past programs.  


Kinesiology – Study Abroad 2019 

Study Abroad in Brazil 

For the 2018/2019 school year, Dr. Priscila Caçola is offering a Study Abroad opportunity. 


KINE 3388 - Theory and Application in Motor Development - in Brazil! 

The course focuses on the study of motor skill development in childhood and adolescence. We will learn the basis of motor development theory and all aspects that affect motor competence, underlie control of movement, and influence change in the acquisition of motor skills in childhood and adolescence. All this while getting to see the beautiful cities of Curitiba and Florianópolis, in the South of Brazil! Class will be held in English and taught by Dr. Priscila Caçola, Associate Professor and Associate Chair of the Department of Kinesiology, and a native of Brazil. 

Students considering the course are encouraged to fill out the interest form (see the Resources section at the bottom of this page). The interest forms are reviewed by Dr. Caçola. Eligible students will be referred to the Study Abroad office and will have an opportunity to submit an official application for this course (which will require a $75 fee). 

Important Dates 

  • Information Sessions: August 24, 2018 @ 9 AM and August 29, 2018 @ 10:30 AM; both in MAC 223. 
  • Study Abroad Fair: September 12, University Center Mall, 300 W. First St., 11 AM to 2 PM– Learn everything you want to know about studying abroad at UTA! 
  • Registration must be completed during the Fall 2018 Semester 
  • Coursework will be held during the Spring 2019 Semester 
  • Travel in Brazil will be May 10 - 25, 2019 

Estimated Cost 

  • Regular UTA Tuition Rates (3 hour course) 
  • Plus a $75 application fee for second-stage application finalists; please note that the initial first-stage interest form (linked below) is free 
  • Plus approximately $1800 for Airfare 
  • Plus $2500 for Travel Arrangements 

Included in Travel Arrangements: Housing, some meals, orientation in Brazil, local transportation, English-speaking on-site support, and cultural visits. 

Financial Aid: Students may use financial aid / scholarship funds for Study Abroad. Visit UTA Study Abroad website for more information. 

Worldstrides: Learn more about Worldstrides, the program provider, by visiting their website for this study-abroad opportunity (click or tap here). This page is password protected - Dr. Caçola will send the password for this page to students who complete the interest form (linked below). 


Please have the following ready before you begin the application: 

  • Your Current GPA 
  • The Number of UTA Credit Hours you have Earned 
  • The Name of Your Academic Advisor 
  • A written response to the following prompt: "Please describe why you want to study abroad through this program. Good ideas to explore include what you know about Brazil, how this will benefit your studies and/or your college experience, and your career goals." We suggest composing your statement in a word processor or notes app and pasting your response into the application.