Student Resources


Our faculty mentors and advising staff are dedicated to the success of our students. We also offer peer mentors and a variety of student organizations that enhance the academic experience and build professional skills.

Students are encouraged to apply for the many scholarships available through the University and those established by the College of Nursing and Health Innovation, outside agencies, and individuals. Scholarship services and counseling are available through the Office of Enrollment and Student Services.

Academic Advising


Academic Advisors in the University of Texas at Arlington’s College of Nursing and Health Innovation guide students through exploration, identification, and pursuit of their educational, personal and career goals. Advisors provide an enriching environment that fosters intellectual and individual development, empowers students to attain academic success and promotes lifelong learning.

Core Values:

Academic Advisors act in accordance with the values of the profession of advising for the greater good of students, colleagues, institutions, and higher education. Advisors value honesty, transparency, and accountability to the student, institution and to the advising profession.

Academic Advisors value and are dedicated to excellence in all dimensions of student success. Advisors are committed to students, colleagues, institutions and the profession through assessment, scholarly inquiry, lifelong learning, and professional development.

Academic Advisors respect, engage, and value a supportive culture for diverse populations and build positive relationships by understanding and appreciating students’ views. Advisors strive to create and support environments that consider the needs and perspectives of students, institutions, and colleagues through openness, acceptance, and equity while treating students with sensitivity and fairness.

Academic Advisors motivate, encourage, and support students and the greater educational community to recognize their potential, meet challenges, and respect and express individuality. Advisors respond to and are accessible to others in ways that support, nurture and teach and build relationships through empathetic listening and compassion for students, colleagues and others.

*Information adapted from the NACADA Statement of Core Values

BSN Advising

Academic advisors are a student's vital resource for information pertaining to their progress in their academic program. Advising for pre-Licensure students, those who are not yet registered nurses, seeking a BSN is available.

RN to BSN Advising

Advising for post-Licensure students, those who are RNs and are seeking an BSN or MSN is available. Book your appointment with an RN-BSN / RN-MSN Advisor today.

Graduate Nursing Advising

Advising is available for all post-Baccalaureate nursing programs including MSN, Nurse Practitioner, Administration, Education, Doctor of Nursing Practice and the PhD in Nursing.

Exercise Science, Kinesiology & BSPH Advising

Advising is available for kinesiology programs including BA Kinesiology/PETE, BS/MS Exercise Science, BS/Cert Public Health, MS Athletic Training, PhD Kinesiology.

Additional Student Resources

Student Organizations

Connect with your classmates, begin networking in your field, do service and have fun! Our student organizations would love to have you involved.

Student Organizations


A variety of scholarships are available for College of Nursing and Health Innovation students.


Clinical Resources

Learn more about the clinical management system (EXXAT system) and resources available for your success.

Clinical Resources

Graduation Information

We are proud to recognize those students who are reaching the successful end of their academic programs. Learn about applying for graduation and the events and ceremonies we host to celebrate your achievement.


State Authorization

Learn about programs in which the UTA College of Nursing is admitting students by state.

State Authorization