Exxat is an integrated clinical management system that includes clinical compliance, self-placement requests, logbooks, and timesheets. The University of Texas at Arlington uses Exxat throughout the graduate nursing program to track student compliance, facilitate clinical placement, and manage clinical paperwork including timesheets and logbooks. Exxat also houses all policies, procedures, and resources related to clinical compliance and self-placement requests. Students will utilize the resources within Exxat throughout their graduate program.

Getting Started


Steps.exxat.com - Students are required to purchase Exxat upon entry to the graduate nursing program and will use the system throughout the program. All students should submit clinical compliance documents (except the background check and drug screen) within 60 days of beginning the first graduate course. Students are required to remain compliant throughout their tenure at UTA. Students should also update their Exxat profile with pertinent information such as employment history, language skills, and resume/curriculum vitae. The Exxat profile can be sent to potential preceptors as students prepare for clinical.

MSN Students

DNP Students

Faculty Resources

  • Getting Started: How to log in
  • Please visit the Graduate Canvas Organization Exxat Module for additional resources and video tutorials


If you have an issue with Exxat, please contact v4support@exxat.com.

Exxat FAQ

Please visit steps.exxat.com. Your username is your UTA email address. When you click in the password box, it will automatically update to use your UTA single sign on. Click on the box that says "University of Texas at Arlington" and log in using your UTA email/password. The first time you log in you will be required to purchase the system.

If you are having difficulty logging in to all your UTA accounts (e.g., MyMav, Canvas), please contact the IT help desk. If you are only having difficulty with only Exxat, please email v4support@exxat.com.


Click the “Resources” button on your dashboard. The resources area includes information on compliance, clinical self-placement requests, preceptor guidelines, and Exxat user guides.

Exxat page with "Resources" circled

Visit steps.exxat.com. Click “Compliance” on your dashboard.

You will then click “Get Started” next to each compliance requirement and upload the appropriate documents. Details of compliance requirements can be found in the “Resources” area on your dashboard and within each compliance requirement in Exxat.

If the requirement includes a template, click ‘view documents’ and the template will open so you can download and complete the requirement.


Please log in to steps.exxat.com. Click the “Compliance” tile on your dashboard. You can review the status of all compliance documents (see below).

If you have an item that is not approved, click on the red “not approved” button. A screen will open that tells you why your item was not approved (see below). Please rectify the issue and update the item.


Go to steps.exxat.com and log in to your account. Click “clinical coursework” on your dashboard. You will see the courses for which you have a MyRequest available. Click on the appropriate course and fill out the required information. If you do not see any courses, it is either more than 12 months prior to the start date, the course request is not built yet, or there was an issue with your degree plan. Please check your degree plan to make sure it shows the course is scheduled. If the degree plan is not correct, please contact MSNadvising@uta.edu. If everything appears correct but you do not have a MyRequest available, please contact v4support@exxat.com.