Department of Undergraduate Nursing


Nurses and healthcare professionals are constantly needed as the healthcare industry continues to grow at a rapid pace. The right degree gives you skills and credentials that allow you to impact patient outcomes, influence the industry in a positive way, and make a real difference in your community. Join the force of healthcare workers who are changing lives with a bachelor's degree in nursing from UTAUTA nursing graduates enjoy the reputation of excellence in health care delivery among employers and nursing leaders.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is designed to prepare and train nurses. UTA has two tracks available to earn a BSN: the pre-licensure BSN and the post-licensure RN to BSN.  These tracks are offered in two main formats: campus-based and accelerated online.

BSN Program Outcomes

  1. Apply the art and science of nursing using current evidence in the delivery of competent, culturally sensitive, developmentally appropriate holistic care.
  2. Utilize analytical, systematic, and critical reasoning for clinical judgment and nursing decision-making.
  3. Demonstrate accountability and responsibility for: optimal nursing care, legal and ethical standards, lifelong learning, professional development, promoting the nursing profession, and participating as a citizen in society.
  4. Collaborate and communicate respectfully and effectively with persons/clients and interdisciplinary teams using oral, nonverbal, written, and electronic communication to promote and maintain optimal health outcomes to persons/clients.
  5. Demonstrate ethical behaviors and conflict management skills that inspire others and create effective working relationships to shape and implement change.
  6. Coordinate human and material resources in providing comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective care to persons/clients.
  7. Articulate the importance of active and intentional life-long learning that includes self-reflection and awareness.
  8. Utilize standards of practice to provide safe nursing care in all patient care settings with an awareness of one’s role in preventing errors and promoting quality improvement.
  9. Access and utilize information and computer sciences to perform nursing functions.
Portrait of Deana Furr wearing a blue blazer and scarf

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Deana Furr

Dr. Deana Furr is an experienced nurse with over three decades serving patients as a clinician in woman’s health at the bedside in critical care settings. She has taught nursing students at UTA for more than ten years and has 15 years of experience as a nurse educator. When asked what attracted Dr. Furr to UTA and teaching students, she commented that “working as a nurse educator at UTA is a dream-come-true” and “being a part of UTA is exciting and meaningful because of the diversity of our student body—there is no “average” nursing student here”.

#14 in BSN Degree Programs

Ranked #14 on list Best BSN Degree Programs by

"High Performing" school by THECB

The undergraduate program was recognized by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board as a “high performing” school.

Pre-Licensure BSN Campus-Based and Accelerated Online Comparison


Campus-Based BSN

Accelerated Online BSN

BSN Prelicensure Application Eligibility

If accepted, an applicant must complete ALL Nursing and Health prerequisites marked with * before STARTING the first semester of the BSN Prelicensure nursing program (refer to Campus-Based admission brochure).

If accepted, an applicant must complete ALL Nursing and Health prerequisites, including the upper-division elective, before STARTING the first semester of the BSN Prelicensure nursing program (refer to the Accelerated Online BSN admission brochure).

BSN Prelicensure Selection Process

Additional consideration also given to applicants who by the BSN Prelicensure application deadline complete:

  • Nine hours (9) of ROTC college courses (must be active in ROTC).
  • Admission to UT Arlington as a First-Time Freshman. Applicants must have completed all Nursing and Health natural sciences and two out of the three nursing exploratory courses at UT Arlington by the application deadline. All natural sciences and all nursing exploratory courses must be completed at UT Arlington before starting the BSN Prelicensure program.
  • Preference will be given to applicants employed by partner hospital systems offering clinical sites during that semester of admission.
  • Partner hospital clinical sites vary each semester.
  • To receive preference, applicants must be employed at the partner hospital system from the application deadline to the first day of class.
  • Employment at a partner hospital is not a guarantee of admission into the BSN Prelicensure nursing courses.

BSN Course Format

  • Campus courses taught on UT Arlington’s campus with limited online course options for prerequisites & pre-nursing courses.
  • Nursing coursework only offered in the campus format.
  • Only online courses available for Nursing and Health prerequisites, nursing exploratory and nursing coursework.
  • Once accepted in the BSN Prelicensure program, lab and clinical experiences are faculty supervised and delivered at partner hospital systems and other healthcare facilities. Course testing and clinical assessments are proctored.

Time Frame for BSN Prelicensure Courses

21 months total during four 16-week traditional semesters.

15 months total during four 12-15 week consecutive sessions.

BSN Prelicensure Summers & Winter/May Schedule

No BSN Prelicensure nursing courses scheduled during these breaks.

BSN Prelicensure nursing courses taught year round with periodic 1-2 week breaks.

Clinical Experience

  • Typically Monday-Friday.
  • Accepted applicants have a variety of clinical experiences in hospitals and other healthcare facilities around Dallas/Ft. Worth area.
  • Typically on weekends, may have clinical scheduled during the week.
  • Accepted applicants complete most of their clinical experience at one partnership hospital, although may take specialties at other healthcare facilities if needed.
  • Partner hospital locations across Texas.

Student Resources

  • Clinical training is supplemented by labs in the simulated patient care Smart Hospital™ at UTA.
  • Access to campus resources (e.g. counseling services, health center, library, writing center).
  • Advising by professional academic advisors.
  • Student Success Program (test prep & study skills).
  • Clinical training is supplemented by simulated labs at partner hospitals.
  • Access to online resources (e.g. academic coach, library, writing center).
  • Advising by professional academic advisors.
  • Student Success Program (test prep & study skills) and Academic Coaches for online coursework.

Grants & Scholarships

Accepted applicants are eligible to apply for scholarships and grants available through the University.

Selected scholarships & grants offered through the University are not available to accepted applicants enrolled in the Accelerated Online BSN program. Verify with Financial Aid what funds will be available.

BSN Application Information

  • Must fill out and submit a Campus Based BSN Prelicensure application.
  • You may only apply to one program.
  • Must fill out and submit an Accelerated Online BSN Prelicensure application.
  • You may only apply to one program.