About the Smart Hospital


The Smart Hospital is an inclusive Educational and Research entity with a 13,000 square foot Smart Hospital location and a 13,000 square foot Smart Lab location, both conveniently located on The University of Texas at Arlington campus.

The Smart Hospital is a simulation hospital with more than 60 patient simulators and 40 standardized patients (specially trained actors) that serve as simulated patients.

The Smart Hospital facility configuration contains:

  • a 7-bed Emergency Service Unit
  • a 4-bed adult Intensive Care Unit
  • a 4-bed adult Medical-Surgical Unit
  • 2 Labor and Delivery Mother and Infant Suites
  • 2-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • 3-bed Pediatric Care Unit
  • 1-bed Team Training Unit to support in-hospital rescue, stabilization and resuscitation skill competency
  • 4 debriefing rooms
  • All learning stations have full audio-visual with additional recording capabilities

The Smart Lab facility configuration contains:

  • 14 individual private hospital rooms
  • 1 Individual private hospital room with a Team Training Environment
  • 5 out patient examination rooms
  • 4 assessment training rooms
  • 3 multi-space Hand Hygiene Training areas
  • 1 large multi use room

The Smart Hospital facilities include state of the science hospital furnishings (beds, headwalls, nurse stations, and call systems) and equipment (Pyxis™ medication and supply stations with supporting inventory system software, Alaris™ IV pumps, ventilators, a large inventory of task trainers and devices to aide in patient positioning and transfer.  These support the Smart Hospital’s mission by providing a real-hospital learning environment. Advanced virtual simulation applications are ready for the students’ hands-on skills practices in our multi-station computer lab.

Smart Hospital Educational Commitment

UT Arlington College of Nursing and Health Innovation is a leader in innovation using educational models that prepare nurses who effectively and quickly integrate into the healthcare workforce, are life-long learners, and are poised to assume leadership in improving quality and safety of care.

The Smart Hospital a national leader in simulation based learning in nursing, is to the student nurse what a flight simulator is to a student pilot. For undergraduate and graduate students, the College of Nursing and Health Innovation is committed to integration of simulation into the overall curriculum to overcome the “learning by random opportunity” associated with traditional clinical rotations. Simulation enhanced clinical education, developed and delivered by expert faculty, facilitates each student’s ability to think critically and to develop confidence and competency in clinical skills to provide safe quality care.

Smart Hospital Mission Statement

The University of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing and Health Innovation Smart Hospital is committed to providing high quality simulation-based experiences that prepare a diverse population of future health professionals to provide safe quality healthcare and enhance patient outcomes.

Smart Hospital Vision Statement

The University of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing and Health Innovation Smart Hospital aims to advance the quality of simulation healthcare education through the use of state-of-the-art instruction, technology and the development of simulation education research.