Research Labs

Nursing Research Laboratories

The College of Nursing hosts some of UTA's most exciting scientific research laboratories. As part of the College of Nursing and Health Innovation, CON researchers regularly and closely collaborate with Department of Kinesiology researchers, and make important contributions to research at the University.

  • Dr. Patricia Allard's Laboratory
  • Dr. Marco Brotto's Laboratory
    Investigating Muscle Physiology and Musculoskeletal Disease
  • Dr. Florence Haseltine's Laboratory
  • Dr. Leslie Jennings's Laboratory
  • Dr. Adejoke (Felicia) Ogidan's Laboratory
  • Dr. Zui Pan's Laboratory
    Investigating Intracellular Calcium Signaling and its Pathophysiological Implications in Human Diseases
  • Dr. Jaquetta Jada Reeves' Laboratory
  • Dr. Meagan Rogers' Laboratory
  • Dr. Jennifer Roye's Laboratory
  • Dr. Regina Urban's Laboratory
  • Dr. Venu Varanasi's Laboratory
    Rapid Healing Through New Biomaterials and 3D Printing/Nanofabrication
  • Dr. Jon Weidanz's Laboratory
  • Dr. Sharon Wilson's Laboratory
  • Dr. Yan Xiao's Laboratory

Kinesiology Laboratories

The Department of Kinesiology is proud of its long tradition of scientific inquiry and research as embodied by our research laboratories. In these spaces science meets application and the results improve health for the people of North Texas, our nation, and the world.