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In 2021, UTA began building the School of Social Work/College of Nursing and Health Innovation Smart Hospital Building, a new facility that will unite the University’s celebrated School of Social Work (SSW) under one roof and will house the College of Nursing and Health Innovation’s (CONHI) modernized Smart Hospital, a training space that includes mock patient rooms and medical robots. The projected completion date for the building is November 2022.

The 150,000-square-foot facility will be a mix of flexible, state-of-the-art, technology-enriched learning spaces; teaching and research labs; student engagement, study, and support spaces; faculty and staff offices; and the Smart Hospital simulation learning center.

UTA has been awarded a $1 million matching gift from the Arlington Tomorrow Foundation in support of the University’s new School of Social Work/College of Nursing and Health Innovation Smart Hospital Building. Learn more here.

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Welcome to the Smart Hospital!

Thank you for your interest in the UT Arlington College of Nursing and Health Innovation Smart Hospital, a national demonstration center for healthcare provider simulation education, simulation research, and the development of healthcare innovations. Using state-of-the-science human patient simulators, hospital equipment, and additional technology, we provide learning experiences for students to gain proficiency and confidence in healthcare procedures and processes.

Smart Hospital team members work closely with the College of Nursing and Health Innovation faculty to integrate simulation throughout the curriculum to enhance the learning, retention, and application of knowledge by our students. While providing care to simulated patients, students can practice nursing skills and make clinical judgments in the safe environment of the Smart Hospital. These experiences allow students to develop the insight and abilities needed to provide safe, high-quality nursing care to their patients in actual healthcare facilities.

We invite you to read all the information presented here about our partners and programs as well as take virtual tours of the different parts of the Smart Hospital. We think you will agree that the Smart Hospital is “an innovation whose time has come.”

What is the Smart Hospital?

The Smart Hospital is an inclusive Educational and Research entity with a 13,000 square foot Smart Hospital location and a 13,000 square foot Smart Lab location, both conveniently located on The University of Texas at Arlington campus.


The Smart Hospital is a restricted facility open only to students with scheduled instruction and tours who have made advance arrangements.

Smart Hospital Facility Location

Smart Hospital Building

Smart Lab Facility Location

Fifth Floor, University Hall

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