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Same Day Advising Appointments

Same day 20-minute in-person advising appointments are available every day! Every morning (by 8:15 a.m.), same day appointment schedules will be available. These opportunities are available to students who have met at least once with an advisor before. Please visit 554 Pickard Hall to schedule a same day appointment.
Note About Advising Procedures: All students are expected to review and understand the advising procedures published on this page.

The BSN Prelicensure Advising Team

  • Bridgette Anderson
  • Nadia Bello
  • Andrea Bond
  • Jennifer Cook
  • Katherine Findley
  • Diana Garcia
  • Angel Huichapa
  • Mason Lucy-Speidel
  • Dulce Martinez
  • Rachel Nickerson
  • Randi Petela
  • Moonsun Reinaas
  • Amanda Smith
  • Joselynn Stach
  • Andrea Steer
  • Elizabeth Webb

Email for All BSN Prelicensure Nursing and Health Advisors:

Email for BSN Prelicensure (upper-division) Advisors:

Advising Requirements for Prelicensure Nursing Students

Students in the campus-based BSN program are required to meet with an advisor once a semester.

Students in the accelerated online BSN program are encouraged to meet regularly with an advisor- either in person or virtually. Once admitted to UT Arlington, students in the accelerated online program are provided with a course evaluation by a College of Nursing and Health Innovation advisor. Unlike the on-campus program, there is not a registration hold each semester that requires students to meet with their advisor. Students may plan their coursework using the course evaluation provided by the advisor and proceed to registration. Students are encouraged to contact their advisor with any questions. Information related to required courses, registration, academic standing and applying to the nursing program is provided when students are first contacted by an advisor. It is imperative that students read and keep this information for future reference. Most advising is handled via e-mail. However, students may schedule a phone, virtual, or face-to-face appointment with an advisor by clicking the link above.

Who Is My Advisor?

Students who have been admitted to Nursing and Health or the BSN Prelicensure nursing program: You will be advised by a CONHI advisor.

Freshmen: Current freshmen and undeclared students with less than 45 hours are advised in the University Advising Center (UAC). Visit the UAC's website for more information about contacting and scheduling to meet with a UAC advisor.

Prospective students may meet with a nursing advisor for informational purposes. Click here to directly book a 30-appointment with an advisor. You may see any advisor you wish, subject to their availability and schedule.


Meeting in person with your BSN Advisor

There are two options available to meet with your advisor:

  1. Schedule an Appointment - Book Online: Schedule an Appointment by clicking the scheduling link above. Please note: Students that do not show up or arrive more than 10 minutes late for two (2) or more appointments will be required to meet with an advisor during Walk-in Advising hours.
  2. Same day in-person Advising (Now available daily) - Schedule a same day in-person appointment by visiting 554 Pickard Hall. Please make note of the following procedures for same day advising appointments:
    1. These appointments are limited to 20 minutes and are available only to students who have met with their advisor at least once before. If this is your first visit with us, schedule a full 30 minute in-person appointment by clicking or tapping here.
    2. Same day advising is on a first-come, first serve basis available daily and will close once all spots are filled.
    3. Same day advising schedules will be available each morning (by 8:15 a.m.). Students may sign up in person in room 554 of Pickard Hall (using the QR code posted). After selecting a time slot, students are welcome to leave and return to the Office of Enrollment and Student Services (the advising area) ten minutes prior to their selected time to allow time to sign-in on the computer near the receptionist's window.
    4. Students who are not present when called for their advising appointment forfeit their spot and must come in for advising on a different day.

Before your appointment:

  1. Have a list of questions prepared to ask your advisor.
  2. Familiarize yourself with your program information, and your current progress in your program.
  3. If you have not viewed the Virtual Information Session, take some time to watch it here.
  4. Make arrangements to be on time to your advising appointment. Students who are more than ten minutes late will be rescheduled.

Virtual Information Sessions

Prospective students are encouraged to attend an information session held weekly. Sessions are held virtually every Wednesday via Microsoft Teams. Please see the sign-up link below.

UTA College of Nursing and Health Innovation Virtual Info Session (VIS) Registration Hub (Please pick your program of interest) (