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Nurse Practitioner MSN Degree Programs

Nurse Practitioner Scope of Practice with Dr. John Gonzalez

The Nurse Practitioner programs are available as degree-seeking MSN and as post-MSN certificate programs. Students seeking the MSN degree with NP preparation must meet the admission criteria (as described unconditional). Students seeking a post-masters certificate must have completed an MSN from an NLNAC or CCNE accredited program. Depending on course work completed for the MSN and current advanced practice status (as applicable), an individualized certificate degree plan will be developed.

SATURDAY COURSES: Some NP programs have required courses and events scheduled on Saturdays. Please consult with the director of the program you are interested in, before applying for admission, if you are unable to attend Saturday classes.

Lifespan Programs

Population Specific Programs

Programs Available in Online Formats

Request Graduate program and University application materials online on the University's Graduate Information Request page. General Information on Graduate Admissions Requirements

Workloads and Time Commitments

We strongly recommend that all students consider their work schedules and commitments in light of the demands of a graduate program, and to be prepared to adjust workloads accordingly. In general, for every one graduate nursing credit hour of enrollment a student should budget five hours for work outside of class. So, for example, a 3-credit-hour class could reasonably be expected to require a 15-hour time commitment per week plus the time needed for class/clinical sessions.

Clinical Requirements

Please be aware of expectations concerning clinical requirements, as described in the section labeled "clinical requirements" on this page (click or tap here).