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Applying for Graduation

Congratulations! If you are in your final semester and are anticipating the completion of your academic program, then there are some very important things you need to know.

Students who are completing or scheduled to complete the academic requirements of their degree are required to inform the University of their intent to graduate by Applying for Graduation. In order to be eligible to participate in commencement and for your degree to be conferred, you must apply for graduation. Degrees are conferred only after the student has successfully met their academic, financial, and other university obligations.

If you have questions about your academic progress, including how to know that you're ready to graduate, then you should contact your Academic Advisor.

How to Apply

Applications for Graduation are processed by the University’s Office of Records and Registration; click or tap here to visit their page for Graduation. Please pay special attention to application requirements and procedures.

Deadlines are critical and must be met. Both the normal and late deadline are very early in the semester. If you know you are in your final semester and on track to finish, take care of your application to graduate as soon as you're able to.

Degree candidates (students who have applied to graduate) who wish to participate in Commencement can find information about the Commencement Ceremony, including RSVP, on this page.