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Interested in Minoring in Disability Studies?

A minor in Disability Studies consists of 18 hours, including two required courses: History of Disability (DS 3307/HIST 3307) and Disability Studies Internship (DS 4395), 6 hours of other disability studies courses, and 6 hours of approved electives or other disability studies courses.No more than four courses may be completed in a single discipline.

How to add a Disability Studies Minor

1. Contact your major advisor and have them sign the Minor Approval Form

2. Set up a meeting via our Bookings site with Disability Studies director Dr. Sarah Rose ( and DS advisor Mikila Salazar ( to talk about your interests, discuss potential course plans and internship options, and decide on a Disability Studies degree plan. We require all new DS minors to meet with us so that we can help you design course and internship plan that matches your needs and interests. 


Minors must complete DS 3307/HIST 3307 (History of Disability), DS 4395 (Disability Studies Internship) as well as at least 6 other hours in disability studies courses and at least 6 hours of electives or additional disability studies courses.

Some of the electives change focus from term to term and may therefore not be relevant to the minor during a particular semester.  Credit will only be given when the topic of the course (or a substantial portion) focuses on issues related to disability. Other relevant courses not listed below may also be used to fulfill the minor, with approval from the director of the Minor in Disability Studies.  For that reason and for the purposes of planning the internship, it is important that students consult with the advisor for the minor before registering each semester.

Other relevant courses not listed below may also be used to fulfill the minor with approval from the minor’s director.

Complete course descriptions and prerequisites are available through the UTA catalog.