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UTA Volunteers


About UTA Volunteers

UTA Volunteers is a Follett Student Leadership Center membership-based student group that plans and implements volunteer opportunities, social awareness programs, and civic engagement for UTA students within the surrounding community. Its purpose is to promote active citizenship and strengthen our community by creating a role for students to become involved in, and provide tools and resources to, the UTA community.

Membership is open to all current UTA students, and application to the program is done at the beginning of each fall and spring semester.  As a UTAundergraduate or graduate student, you are welcome to apply in order to participate in UTA Volunteers programs and events.  

Why should I volunteer?

Volunteering feels good! Volunteering is about giving back to the community, getting to know others, spending volunteering time with friends, sharing expertise to help with unique projects, gaining new experiences, and acquiring new skills. Volunteering is about building a close relationship with your community and offering your hands and mind to help others. Our community needs helping hands, and who better to do it than a Maverick!

What's my role?

  • Attend the general body meetings to help plan events. Our general body meetings are every Tuesday at 2:00 pm in the Student Congress Chambers, located in the upper level of the University Center.
  • Volunteer during planned events and programs within the local community.
  • Attend and volunteer at campus Signature Events.
  • Contribute to the organization by attending UTA Volunteers focused workshops and committee meetings.

Serve on the Executive Board

Each spring, applications are available for each of the Director positions. Directors lead a UTA Volunteers committee, and are responsible for overseeing committee programs and events, and developing agency partnerships within the community.

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