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Design, Manufacturing, and Multidisciplinary Optimization

The departmental laboratories contain diverse modern equipment and instruments, permitting a varied experimental program. These include laboratories for automatic controls and systems engineering, fluid power and fluids, automotive engineering, computer-aided design and manufacturing, dynamics and vibration, materials science, composite materials, smart structures, robotics, thermal sciences, computational and experimental fluid dynamics, turbulence, aerodynamics, aerothermodynamics, propulsion, flight dynamics, guidance, navigation, and control.

Research Faculty in Design, Manufacturing, and Multidisciplinary Optimization

Dr. Pranesh Aswath Dr. Pranesh Aswath | Faculty Profile
Professor and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies| WH 325B | (817) 272-7108
Synthesis, processing and characterization of ceramics, intermetallics and composites. Deformation, creep, fatigue and environmental degradation of materials. Analytical electron microscopy, Auger spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, EPMA. Processing and properties of ceramic matrix composites and Ceramic coatings for Biological applications. Tribology and Lubrication.

Dr. Bernd Chudoba Dr. Bernd Chudoba | Faculty Profile
Associate Professor| WH 316B | (817) 272-1436

Dr. Raul Fernandez Dr. Raul Fernandez | Faculty Profile
Professor in Practice| ELB 253 | (817) 966-5975
Product design, development and commercialization; manufacturing, process automation, robotics; dynamic systems

Dr. Ratan Kumar Dr. Ratan Kumar | Faculty Profile
Professor of Practice | WH 306A | (817) 272-0740
Computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer; FEA for structures; machine design; Web-based education.

Dr. Cheng Luo Dr. Cheng Luo | Faculty Profile
Professor | WH 215 | (817) 272-7366
Design, modeling and fabrication of nanosystems and biomicrosystems, and solid mechanics.

Dr. Nancy Michael Dr. Nancy Michael | Faculty Profile
Senior Lecturer, ME Undergraduate Advisor | WH 204C | (817) 272-1258
Electronic materials, integrated circuit interconnect technology, materials characterization, (SEM, XRD, AES, XPS).

Dr. Kenneth Reifsnider Dr. Kenneth Reifsnider
Presidential Distinguished Professor | UTARI | (817) 272-5900
National Academy of Engineering; Director, Institute for Predictive Performance Methodologies, University of Texas Arlington Research Institute (UTARI).

Dr. Robert Woods Dr. Robert L. Woods | Faculty Profile
Professor and Faculty Advisor Formula SAE | WH 304A | (817) 996-0707
Dynamic systems, modeling and simulation, control systems, fluid power control, fluidics, microprocessor and digital controls, logic systems, automotive engineering.