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Dynamic Systems and Control

The departmental laboratories contain diverse modern equipment and instruments, permitting a varied experimental program. These include laboratories for automatic controls and systems engineering, fluid power and fluids, automotive engineering, computer-aided design and manufacturing, dynamics and vibration, materials science, composite materials, smart structures, robotics, thermal sciences, computational and experimental fluid dynamics, turbulence, aerodynamics, aerothermodynamics, propulsion, flight dynamics, guidance, navigation, and control.

Research Faculty in Dynamic Systems Control

Dr. Alan Bowling Dr. Alan Bowling | Faculty Profile
Assistant Professor | WH 315A | (817) 272-0206
Multibody Dynamics, Control, Robotics, and Biomechanics

Dr. Atilla Dogan Dr. Atilla Dogan | Faculty Profile
Associate Professor| WH 315H | (817) 272-3744
Nonlinear Control, Stochastic Control, Monte Carlo Simulation, Robust Control, Flight Dynamics and Control, Nonlinear Flight Simulation, Aircraft Escape Maneuvers in Microburst with Turbulence, Automatic Transmission Modeling and Control.

Dr. David Hullender Dr. David Hullender | Faculty Profile
Professor | WH 304B | (817) 272-2014
Machine vibration and stress analysis, hydraulic pneumatic and mechanical systems design and analysis, compressible and incompressible fluid dynamics, modeling and computer simulation, and analysis of random and stochastic processes.

Dr. Panos Shiakolas Dr. Panos Shiakolas | Faculty Profile
Associate Professor| WH 315D | (817) 272-5715
Robotics Automation, Application of Robotics for Industrial Processes, Agile and Reconfigurable Automation/Manufacturing Systems, Modeling-Simulation and Controls, Mechanical Systems and Machine Design, Kinematics and Dynamics, Computer Aided Design- Manufacturing-Robotics

Dr. Kamesh Subbarao Dr. Kamesh Subbarao | Faculty Profile
Associate Professor | WH 315G | (817) 272-7467
Nonlinear and Robust Adaptive Control, Dynamical Systems Theory, Estimation and System Identification, Flight Control Systems, Optimal Spacecraft Maneuvers, Multi-Resolution Mathematical Modeling and Simulation methodologies.