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Structural Mechanics and Optimization

The departmental laboratories contain diverse modern equipment and instruments, permitting a varied experimental program. These include laboratories for automatic controls and systems engineering, fluid power and fluids, automotive engineering, computer-aided design and manufacturing, dynamics and vibration, materials science, composite materials, smart structures, robotics, thermal sciences, computational and experimental fluid dynamics, turbulence, aerodynamics, aerothermodynamics, propulsion, flight dynamics, guidance, navigation, and control.

Research Faculty in Structural Mechanics and Optimization

Dr. Ashfaq Adnan | Faculty Profile
Assistant Professor | WH 315C | (817) 272-2006
Nanoscale Phenomena and Multiscale Analysis, Mechanics of Engineering Nanomaterials, Mechanics of Polymer and Advanced Materials, Fracture Mechanics.

Dr. Erian Armanios Dr. Erian Armanios | Faculty Profile
Professor and Chair| WH 211B | (817) 272-2062
Computational solid mechanics, analysis, testing and design of composite structures, failure characterization and prediction, elastic tailoring, energy dissipation, implementation of active materials for flow control and nondeterministic methods for structural prognostics.

Dr. Wen Chan Dr. Wen Chan | Faculty Profile
Professor and Director of the Center for Composite Materials | WH 300B | (817) 272-5638
Composite structure design, mechanics of composite materials, material behavior of composites, finite element analysis, damage tolerance and durability, fracture mechanics and fatigue analysis, and smart structures.

Dr. D. Stefan Dancila Dr. D. Stefan Dancila | Faculty Profile
Associate Professor | WH 414 | (817) 272-0833
Solid mechanics; composite and smart materials/structures; tailoring of elastic deformation, failure modes, and energy dissipation; inflatable space structures; space tethers; fatigue and fracture; nondestructive evaluation; piezoelectric actuation and flow control; rotorcraft; high altitude airships; composite prosthetics; renewable energy.

Dr. Haiying Huang Dr. Haiying Huang | Faculty Profile
Associate Professor | WH 315F | (817) 272-0563
Optical fiber sensor, structural health monitoring, solid mechanics, fracture mechanics, fatigue, computational mechanics, composite materials.

Dr. Kent Lawrence Dr. Kent Lawrence | Faculty Profile
Professor | WH 300D | (817) 272-2019
Stress and vibration analysis, structural analysis, structural dynamics, finite element methods, and computer aided engineering.

Dr. Andrew Makeev Dr. Andrew Makeev | Faculty Profile
Associate Professor | WH 225
Composite and metallic materials, structural methods, prognostics and reliability.

Dr. Seiichi Nomura Dr. Seiichi Nomura | Faculty Profile
Professor | WH 304D | (817) 272-2012
Micromechanics, Analysis of Composite Materials, Functionally Graded Materials (FGM), Applied Mathematics.

Dr. B.P. Wang Dr. B.P. Wang | Faculty Profile
Professor | WH 304C | (817) 272-3426
Finite element analysis, structural optimization, vibration, and structural dynamics.

Dr. Bo Yang Dr. Bo Yang | Faculty Profile
Assistant Professor | ELB 202 | (817) 272-9335
Micro/Nanomechanics of Defects (e.g., point defects, dislocations and kinks in nanolayered materials); Fracture, Fatigue and Impact Mechanics of Composite Materials; Chemomechanics of Advanced Energy Storage Materials (e.g., involved in lithium ion batteries and hydrogen storage); Biomechanics of Cells and Tissues; Computational Methods (finite elements, Green's functions/boundary elements, molecular dynamics and multiscale modeling).