Mascot Blaze

Blaze the Mascot

Blaze uses high energy and enthusiasm to promote school spirit at athletic, community and campus wide events. Scholarships are available and based on tenure, academics, and leadership positions held on the team. For more information on how to be a mascot, send us an email.


  If you are a freshman or transfer student, you must have submitted your application to UTA by the tryout date, you do not have to be accepted to tryouts, however if selected, it does not ensure admission to the University.

  If you are a current college student you have a minimum GPA of 2.0.

  If you become a member of the team, you must be a fulltime UTA student during the fall and spring semesters.

Dancer Elena Garcia posing for a picture

International Business Major

Meet Elena

Being a part of the Dance Team has provided me with once in a lifetime opportunity I never thought I would have, and for that I am forever grateful. When I transferred to UTA, I joined the dance team and ever since it has been nothing but a blessing. I have gotten to experience so much. UTA Dance has provided me with many opportunities to help out our community and I have gained so much knowledge and respect from those experiences.

Appearance Request

Are you looking for some excitement to add to your event? The cheerleaders, dance team, and our mascot Blaze are available for appearances.

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