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At The University of Texas at Arlington's College of Business, we offer students the chance to gain the knowledge and experience they need to become leaders and master the world of business on a global scale. UTA's College of Business is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International, the most prestigious accreditation for business colleges.

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Graduate Degree Programs By Department


All programs prepare students for professional careers in the public, private, or governmental sector. They provide the education necessary to become a Certified Public Accountant or to attain other professional certifications.

  • Accounting - MS

    This degree is designed for students with an undergraduate degree in accounting. It promotes a deeper understanding of complex accounting issues and their relevance to support better business decisions.

  • Taxation – MS

    This specialized degree is designed for students with an undergraduate degree in accounting who wish to focus in taxation. Students gain skills in identifying, analyzing and solving complex tax issues to add value for various entities.

  • Professional Accounting – MPA

    MPA is designed for students with an undergraduate degree in a discipline other than accounting who wish to pursue a professional accounting career. This degree allows one to attain the necessary qualifications needed for professional certification.

About Our Graduate Accounting Programs

Master of Business Administration- MBA

This is a general degree that prepares current and future leaders for careers in a wide variety of organizations. While there is a common core program covering all key areas of business, degree specialization is offered in our flexible and online formats.

  • Flexible

    Concentrations: Accounting, Business Analytics, Economics, Finance, Health Care Administration, Information Systems, Management, Marketing, Operations Management and Real Estate.

  • Online

    Concentrations: Finance, Management or Health Care Administration.

  • Cohort

    This format allows working professionals to take one course at a time yet complete three classes each semester. Currently taught at UTA Fort Worth.

About Our Master Business Administration Programs

Business Administration- PhD

All UT Arlington business programs, including the Ph.D. in Business Administration, are accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). AACSB accreditation provides many benefits to the faculty and staff at its accredited schools by attracting higher quality students, providing greater research opportunities, and allowing for global recognition.

  • Accounting

    The Ph.D. in Business Administration degree with a major field in accounting, is designed for students pursuing careers as college or university professors, or careers in business or government which require an understanding of accounting and related research matters. This is a full-time program, focusing on academic research in accounting and the tools and methodologies necessary to do independent academic research.

  • Finance

    The Department of Finance and Real Estate admits a cohort batch of doctoral students in finance in the fall semester of every alternate year. The size of the batch depends on funding as well as the competitive pool of applicants. The students take predefined coursework in major and supporting fields for approximately two years followed by a written and oral comprehensive examination.

  • Information Systems

    The objective of the Ph.D. degree in Business Administration with a major in Information Systems is to develop scholars with an ability to teach and conduct independent research. The main emphasis in our program is to offer training in scholarly research. This is accomplished through a combination of rigorous coursework and research activities. The coursework provides fundamental knowledge in various areas of information systems, and offers insights into research topics of interest to Information System researchers.

  • Management

    A Ph.D. is a research degree. We believe those who receive a Ph.D. from the Management Department should be talented and enthusiastic organizational scholars. They should be able to critically evaluate existing research, translate and disseminate research knowledge to their students and their communities, and conduct their own original research—adding to what we know and what we do in the management discipline. Therefore, students whose major field is management receive considerable research-oriented training.

  • Management Sciences

    The doctoral program in Management Sciences develops scholars in research areas including, but not limited to, behavioral operations, decision science/business statistics, operations management, and supply chain management. Students will be trained both in critical thinking skills to come up with research questions, and also in technical skills to implement research plans. In this area, the relevant technical skills include applied game theory, economics/statistical analysis, experimental economics, stochastic modeling, and operations research style optimization.

  • Marketing

    The Ph.D. in Business Administration with a primary field in marketing offers students an opportunity to hone their methodological skills and conceptual knowledge to generate creative research ideas in marketing. Our faculty specializes in areas as diverse as Consumer Behavior, Personal Selling, Services Marketing and advanced Market Research. Mentoring Ph.D. students is a top priority for the faculty and it is reflected in the numerous research papers that our students have published in recent years.

About Our Ph.D. Business Administration Programs

Real Estate - M.S.

A cohort program is taught at UTA Fort Worth. Students learn financing, property development, appraisal and valuation to understand real estate decision making.

About Our Real Estate Program

Health Care Administration – M.S.

This program prepares students for leadership administrative roles for the wide variety of organizations in the health care industry. The cohort at UTA Fort Worth begins in fall and the UTA Dallas cohort begins in spring.

About Our M.S. Health Care Administration Degree

Human Resource Management – M.S.

This program’s graduates are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for success as innovative human resource professionals and strategic business leaders.

About Our M.S. Human Resource Management Degree

Marketing Research – M.S.

This project-based program is designed to prepare students for careers in strategy development. Students learn to use multiple data sources, including primary research data, secondary sales data, and customer engagement data, to support strategic business initiatives. Graduates move quickly into insights roles where they impact strategy for the most well-known, successful companies in the world.

About Our M.S. Marketing Research Degree

Economic Data Analytics – M.S.

This program teaches students to think critically and to solve problems. These skills are highly valued in the workplace. The focus is on how to work with data important in business and government decisions, and logically explain insights gained from analyses.

About Our M.S. Economic Data Analytics Degree

Quantitative Finance – M.S.

Prepares students to meet the demand for financial professionals equipped to implement up-to-date analytical techniques in support of financial decision making. The Sam Mahrouq Financial Markets Lab provides state-of-the-art Bloomberg terminals that students use to make investment decisions.

About Our M.S. Quantitative Finance Degree

Information Systems And Operations Management

  • Business Analytics – MS

    Students develop strong technical skills and business acumen with emphasis on data-driven decision making. With these abilities students have the right blend of business and technical skills to communicate the narrative of the numbers.

  • Information Systems – MS

    Students learn the most current technologies, new skills and new approaches to business solutions that keep pace with industry demands.

About Our M.S. Information Systems And Operations Management Degrees

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