Mentor Program

To help enhance the graduate experience, all incoming Political Science MA students will be strongly encouraged to participate in this program. At the discretion of the Graduate Advisor, individual students may be required to participate.

At the beginning of each semester, incoming MA candidates will attend a new student orientation, which will discuss the standards and expectations of the program. Around this time all students will be assigned a faculty mentor.

The program will include three specific meetings: At the beginning of the semester in which the student first attends the program; at mid-semester; and at the beginning of the next semester. More meetings are encouraged, but are up to both the student and the faculty mentor based on their own mentorships.

Students should see their faculty mentor as a resource to help them acclimate to graduate student life and as someone who can help acquire resources and develop habits that will increase the likelihood of graduate school success. They should feel free to contact their mentor at any time they have questions or concerns or would like help in the program.