Graduate Program Scholarships

Graduate students in the Department of Political Science can apply for a range of scholarships, though more are oriented toward the research enterprise and presentation of research. Note that all scholarships are competitive.

Department of Political Science

The Department offers a Graduate Student Travel scholarship. This can be used to fund travel to academic conferences or to conduct research for a thesis. The application should consist of: (1) A one-page summary of the project; and (2) A detailed budget of all project-related expenses, including a list of where else the applicant has applied for funds. For applicants presenting their research at a conference, proof of acceptance is also required. For more information please contact the Graduate Adviser, Dr. Brent Boyea.

College of Liberal Arts

The College offers the Dean’s Award for Graduate Travel. This award provides funding to graduate students for conference presentation travel, pilot research, relevant software purchases (that are not readily available to students), archival work, or other research-related costs related to their creative activity or dissertation/thesis completion.

The application consists of: (1) A cover sheet that provides the rankings of the students and a brief description of how the activity is appropriate; (2) A completed application form; (3) A faculty letter of support; and (4) For those students presenting their research at a conference, proof of acceptance. For more information please see the full application announcement.

Office of Graduate Studies

The Office of Graduate Studies provides funding for graduate students to travel to present their research at academic conferences. The application consists of: (1) An online application form; (2) A summary of the research; (3) A letter of support from a department faculty member; (4) Proof of acceptance of presentation; (5) A detailed budget. For more information please see the full application notice.

Charles T. McDowell Center for Critical Languages and Area Studies

The McDowell Center offers the Betty and Roger Ruch Study‚Äźabroad Scholarships, to offset the costs of studying another language abroad through a UTA-approved study abroad program. The application consists of: (1) A letter of interest; (2) A resume; (3) Transcripts; (4) Two letters of recommendation from UT Arlington faculty; (5) A post-program report. For more information please see here.

For more information on scholarships available at UT Arlington, please see the Mav ScholarShop website.