About the Undergraduate Program

The Department of Political Science is dedicated to student success both in and outside the classroom. Students working to obtain their B.A. in Political Science will have instructors who care about their educational ambitions and are available to support those goals.

The opportunities for students to work alongside faculty members will help prepare them for life after college and provide for invaluable experience beyond what most students can get in a college setting.

At completion of their B.A., students can expect to be well versed in the different areas of Political Science: Political Behavior and Processes, Comparative Politics, International Politics, Public Law, and Public Administration and Policy Studies. In addition to these areas, students can expect to obtain a wide range of marketable skills.

Department opportunities include: participation in individual research, department events, honors organizations, scholarships, specialized degrees, and the fast track program. These are just a few opportunities that can be explored within our department.