Modern Physics - Lab Syllabus and Supplemental Materials

Modern Physics Lab

First Week: Students registered for this course must complete the required lab safety training (Go to --> Online Courses --> LASER SAFETY) prior to entering the lab. Once notified, complete the required module(s) no later than the first lab meeting. Until all required Lab Safety Training is completed, a student will not be given access to lab facilities, and will not be able to participate in any lab activities, and will earn a grade of zero for any uncompleted work. Once completed, Lab Safety Training is valid for the remainder of the same academic year (i.e., through the following August) and must be completed anew in subsequent years. There are no exceptions to this University policy. Failure to complete the required training will preclude participation in any lab activities, including those for which a grade is assigned. Questions regarding the online Lab Safety Training should be directed to the University Compliance Services training helpline, 817-272-2080, or to
Go to, login and click on "My Training" and finish all the trainings listed there.

LAB Zero: Statistics Lab. Download the Statistics lab and work through it. Help file for Lab zero: Appendix A. This lab is due the following week, before starting second lab. You will need to manage your own toothpicks. Any stick with similar size will do the job. You can perform this lab at your home at your convenient time.

Beginning the week of the lab start date, the lab will have nine different setups You will meet on the assigned day and perform a lab. The first lab which you perform sets your group rotation. The next time you meet you will perform a different lab in accordance with the schedule shown below. The lab T.A. will be available for the first one hour to answer questions about the lab report requirements or the lab exercise. Contact your T.A. to decide where to meet.

One lowest grade lab will be dropped. If you miss any labs, you should contact your T.A. so that he/she will provide you access to the lab room.
Your lab report will be graded in the following manner: Lab Report Outline

There are nine groups. Each group can have one student only.


e/m Ratio








Millikan's Oil Drop Experiment

Test Link



All Lab Reports are due May 3. Labs turned in after this date will not be graded.