Student Organizations

Olympus Mons Astronomy Club

Olympus Mons is the student-run Astronomy Club at UTA which supports astronomical awareness for UTA students and the general public. The club also supports planetarium shows, special events, and the highly popular astronomy classes offered by the Department of Physics.

Faculty advisor: Manfred Cuntz, professor of physics



Physics Graduate Student Association

The Physics Graduate Student Association (PGSA) seeks to unite all physics graduate students to discuss topics that are important to us all. We also seek to ensure that new and incoming physics graduate students have an easy transition into grad life. We strive to increase communication between physics graduate students and the Department of Physics, as well as foster strong relationships between graduate students.

Faculty advisor: Ramon Lopez, professor of physics


Society of Physics Students

Society of Physics Students (SPS) is the UTA branch of the national organization. We are a group of physics enthusiasts who conduct outreach efforts to broaden community awareness and interest in physics. While we are under the Department of Physics and many of us are physics students, all are welcome in our group! In addition to helping with physics and science outreach, we also assist the Physics Department as well as other students, especially our own.

Faculty advisor: Ben Jones, associate professor of physics



Students for the Exploration and Development of Space

SEDS is the largest student-run space organization in the world. It is a diverse group of like-minded students from diverse range of educational backgrounds who have an interest in the exploration and development of Space. Our mission is to educate UTA students about the benefits of space exploration and development; to provide a forum for UTA students and faculty members to discuss and exchange ideas related to the exploration and development of space; to provide opportunities for UTA students to interact and network with leaders in the space industry; and to provide hands-on opportunities for UTA students to be involved in aspects of space exploration and development.

Faculty advisor: Nila Veerabathina, assistant professor of instruction in physics


Women in Physics

The goal of UTA Women in Physics is to increase the retention rate of women in the Department of Physics by organizing events that provide support, mentoring, education and community involvement. We strive to create a supportive community that both encourages and motivates women throughout their college experience in the Department of Physics.

Faculty advisor: Haleh Hadavand, associate professor of physics