Graduate Degree Programs

The objective of graduate work in psychology is to educate the student in the methods and basic content of the discipline and to provide an apprenticeship in the execution of creative research.  


Our program is intended for students who want to pursue careers as I/O professionals. It focuses on developing applied skills, offering professional training to those not wishing to pursue doctoral studies. I/O professionals work in a number of different areas that are crucial to the success of modern businesses and industries. The ability of I/O professionals to meet these needs grows from the training that enables them to apply psychological principles and research methods in the workplace. Our program provides a non-thesis degree option as well as the option of completing a master's thesis. All students automatically enter the program under the non-thesis option and may change to the thesis option if they choose.

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Master of Science in Learning Analytics (MSLA)

Learning analytics is the field of study that uses this data generated from interactions in digital environments to understand what individuals have learned, how teams perform most effectively, and the networks that support social and organizational knowledge development. UTA’s Master of Science in Learning Analytics (MSLA) program, which launches in Fall 2021, is the world’s first fully online program intended for individuals who want to pursue a career in fields that are impacted by the digitization of learning, sense-making, and knowledge processes in complex information environments. The MSLA program has been designed as both a research program and opportunity for direct application into real-world settings. The program offers two pathways, with one requiring a traditional research thesis and the other requiring a capstone project. Additionally, all students will complete six core courses and electives that suit their needs and contexts. 

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Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology

Our Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology program is a mentor-based experimental research program with concentrations in Psychological Sciences and Health/Neuroscience. Please be advised that we do not offer graduate-level courses or degrees in clinical or counseling psychology. In this program, you will receive broad training in experimental psychology and will be able to do specialized research in your area of interest in psychological sciences or health/neuroscience as you are matched with a faculty mentor prior to admission.

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