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Students who wish to apply for major status in psychology must first meet University and College of Science requirements for admission to major status and the specific requirements of the Department of Psychology, which include an overall and psychology GPA of at least 2.25; and completion of PSYC 2300, PSYC 3200 and PSYC 3300 with a C or better in each course. Currently enrolled UTA students may qualify to change their major to psychology by meeting the requirements listed above depending on their current status. 

UTA Psychology Degree Curriculum


Bachelor of Science in Psychology

The Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology is intended for students preparing for work and study in fields requiring more mathematics and sciences. It is also suitable for pre-medical and pre-dental students. Students preparing for study in the health professions including medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, optometry, occupational therapy, and veterinary medicine should also be advised by a College of Science Health Professions advisor in order to meet the requirements of the corresponding professional schools.

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Sample B.S. in Psychology degree plan

Substitute courses for Foreign Language 2313 & 2314 (PDF)


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology is for students who want to obtain a broad liberal arts education with a concentration in psychology. It is also a preparation for graduate studies in psychology and many other fields.

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Sample B.A. in Psychology degree plan

Substitute courses for Foreign Language 2313 & 2314 (PDF)


Minor in Psychology

The department offers a minor in psychology with four options:

  • General Psychology Minor
  • Clinical Health Psychology Minor
  • Neuroscience Minor
  • Organizational Science Minor

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