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Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry

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The Department offers the degree Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Chemistry which is designed to better prepare doctoral level chemists to enjoy productive careers in industrial laboratories, research foundations or academic institutions. In addition to the traditional PhD curriculum, this program mandates that the student acquire the working knowledge of the type of research conducted in industry and of the constraints (both practical and philosophical) under which it is carried out.

To facilitate this, each student is required to spend one semester in an industrial or government research laboratory internship. This internship is obtained for the student by the Department and every effort is made to match the type of work and the company with the student's interests. This is an important part of the student's training that may also open up avenues for future employment. If a student already has industrial research experience, this internship requirement may be waived if the student so desires.

This requirement recognizes the importance of providing chemistry graduate students with a broad range of research experiences and to better prepare them for the transition from academe to careers as practicing chemists. This practical research experience has proven invaluable in helping students to define their career objectives, expand their knowledge of the range of chemical research opportunities and, ultimately, can offer students a significant advantage when looking for their first job.

The traditional (required and elective) coursework includes analytical, biological, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry courses. Instead of taking comprehensive or cumulative examinations, our students are required by the middle of their third year, to write and orally defend a proposal based on an original research idea. The final degree requirement, upon completion of their research, is the writing and oral defense of the dissertation.

About the Internship

The internship may be taken any time after formal admission to the Doctoral program, subject to the availability of suitable positions and the desires of the student and the research advisor. Note that the timing of the internship does not affect the timing of the proposal defense. The proposal must be defended in or prior to the fifth long semester as a graduate student, even if the internship is taken earlier.

Successful completion of an industrial or government internship is a degree requirement of the Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry at UT Arlington . The purpose of the internship is to familiarize the student with how research is done in a non-academic setting and thereby better prepare the student for a career in industry. Financial support during the internship will be provided by the company or government lab. The industrial internship is arranged by the student's research supervisor and/or the department chairman and must be approved by the Committee on Graduate Studies (CGS).

Normally the internship will involve research in the general area of the student's doctoral research, but the research accomplished during the internship will not be included in the student's dissertation. Instead, a brief (~1 page) typed written summary of the goal(s) and accomplishments achieved during the internship will be submitted to the Graduate Advisor and mark the successful completion of the degree requirement. The internship will normally start at the beginning of an academic semester and last the equivalent of one academic semester. The student will enroll in CHEM 6304 and CHEM 6904 during the time period of the internship. All students on internship will still be considered full time students during the internship and must be enrolled in twelve credit hours.