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Physical Education Teacher Education

BA Kinesiology - Physical Education Teacher Education - College of Nursing and Health Innovation

Program Description

The Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education with All-Level Teacher Certification prepares individuals for teaching and coaching positions in public and private schools. This degree is specifically designed to prepare graduates for certification in teaching K-12 physical education. The program is designed to provide a scientific and pedagogical foundation with multiple public school experiences that enable students to observe, assist teachers and coaches, experiment with curriculum, create programs, and gain structured experiences in teaching. Because of the emphasis on field experiences, our graduates are well-prepared when they enter the workforce. In addition, our graduates work in diverse settings and are able to plan and teach individuals with disabilities successfully. Candidates are also encouraged to earn a second teaching area concentration (such as English, history, biology/life science, math, modern languages, health education, etc.).

Admissions Requirements

In order to qualify for admission to the Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) program, students must:

  • Satisfy the University's credit hour requirements for admission to a degree plan.
  • Provide transcripts from each college or university the student has attended (reflecting all current/completed semesters).
  • Petition for admission into the College of Education prior to taking education coursework.
  • Have a GPA of at least 2.75 (overall or for the last 60 hours, whichever is higher). This GPA must also be sustained across the following education sequence: KINE 2301, KINE 2302, KINE 3304, KINE 3388, KINE 4193, KINE 4319, KINE 4320, KINE 4321, EDML 4300, LIST 4343, and EDUC 4352.

Students who have been suspended or expelled from The University of Texas at Arlington or any other university or program for reasons other than academic reasons may be denied admission or readmission to an educator preparation program in the College of Education.

Maintaining Major Status

Upon Entering the College of Education, if a student falls below a 2.0 GPA at any time prior to petitioning for admission into the College of Education, the student will be on departmental probation. In order to take additional Kinesiology or Health Education Courses at UT Arlington, approval must be granted by the Department Chairperson. If the student is unable to make up the deficiency in the semester immediately following the probation, the student will lose status as a Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology with All-Level Certification major. Courses to make up a GPA deficiency must be taken at UT Arlington. If the student is able to make up the GPA deficiency in the semester immediately following loss of major status, she or he are eligible for reinstatement as a major by making application to the Departmental Advisor when grades are released. No courses on the degree plan may be taken as pass/fail.


Each candidate in the College of Education of UT Arlington will be evaluated on Professional Dispositions by faculty and staff. These dispositions have been identified as essential for a highly qualified professional. Instructors and program directors will work with candidates rated as "unacceptable" in one or more stated criteria. The candidate will have an opportunity to develop a plan to remediate any digressions.

Degree Plan

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Kinesiology - Pedagogy All Level Certification

Suggested Course Sequence

Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology – Pedagogy All Level Certification Suggested Course Sequence.

Field Experiences

Field experiences provide students with the opportunity to gain real-world experience in public school physical education classes. The following classes typically include field experiences: KINE 3388, 4319, 4320, 4321, and 4647.

Students must make sure that all partnering Independent School District criminal background forms are completed early in a semester in which field experiences are anticipated.

Student Teaching

In the final semester of the PETE Program, students will be assigned to a student teaching experience in both an elementary and secondary school setting. Student teaching will begin and end based on each school district's academic calendar. The steps for student teaching include:

  1. Making an appointment with the PETE Academic Advisor (call 817-272-3288).
  2. Applying to the College of Education to qualify to enroll in the professional educational sequence of courses via an advising appointment with a College of Education Advisor (call 817-272-2946).
  3. Requesting student teaching placement(s) at Student Teaching Request Form. If a student is planning on completing student teaching in the fall semester of a year, the deadline for application materials to the Office of Professional Development is always March 1st of the prior semester. For those planning on completing it in the spring semester, the deadline is October 1st the prior semester.
  4. Applying to the Director of Field Experience in the College of Education by the appropriate deadline to begin KINE 4647 Student Teaching. Students must also submit any applicable background checks at registration. The student teaching will be performed in both elementary and high school or middle school levels.
PETE Faculty and Students
Dr. Alison White with students and recent graduates at the 2017 TAHPERD Workshop at UTA.