Physics Online Lab

Lab manuals and required instructions will be provided by your TA.


  All Physics Labs begin on Monday, February 8, 2021.

You may not see your Lab Course in Canvas Until February 5.

Lab Information

 Here are few steps that we recommend you follow in order to have better understanding of the lab material:

Lab Report Requirements:
• Read the instructions thoroughly provided in the lab manual.
• Run the online simulations, link provided in the manual.
• Stay online for 3 hours to finish the lab. Your TA should be online during this time to answer your questions.
• Complete the lab report, the word document, by answering all the questions.
• Submit the report (PDF file) in the Canvas.

Grade Policy --
Lab grading is based upon:
• Shown Calculations.
• Analysis of every experiments.
• Completed Graphs.
• Answer provided to given Problems.
• Data accuracy.
There will be total of 8 labs in Freshman level Courses (10% each) and a final exam (20%).

  For more information, please contact your respective Teaching Assistant (see contact info in Canvas Syllabus)

Dr. Suman Satyal
PhD, Astrophysics
Physics Lab Supervisor
The Department of Physics
Office: Science Hall, RM 120

  "The only source of knowledge is experience" - Einstein