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About Canvas

The University of Texas at Arlington is pleased to announce it’s chosen Canvas as the institution’s Learning Management System (LMS). Canvas offers exciting features and opportunities for innovation allowing faculty to create engaging and meaningful learning experiences for students. Canvas is a cloud-based learning management system by Instructure. UTA faculty champions and early adopters completed training and tested pilot courses in Spring 2019. Many Summer 2019 courses are being taught in Canvas. All courses will be live in Canvas starting in Fall 2019.


Why Canvas?

  • It is 100% cloud hosted with 99.98% reliability.

  • Promotes student-centered learning, allowing greater student engagement with course content, activities and practices in order to build lasting understanding and connection to the faculty and program.

  • Offers an innovative platform that is intuitive, easily accessible via a phone app, and offers templates and sharable content for faculty.

  • Many of the K-12 districts on our area use Canvas and many of our students are familiar with this platform



National Model

UTA is one of only six universities nationwide to be named a “Next Generation University” by the New America Foundation. The report cites the University’s position as an emerging research institution.

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