Access to UTA Health Services is based on eligibility requirements.

Matriculated Students

Matriculated students with holds for health requirements are eligible to receive immunizations and lab testing in the health center to comply with health requirements beginning 60 days prior to the start date of the semester for which you are admitted. You must provide your acceptance letter from the University and complete necessary forms.


If you attended UTA the previous semester and are not currently enrolled, you may receive care at UTA Health Services but must pay a $25 service charge per provider visit plus the cost of ancillary services (e.g. lab testing, x-rays, minor procedures, etc.). To be eligible for care, Health Services must be able to verify in MyMav that you completed courses in the previous semester and are pre-registered for the next semester. If you only need an immunization, you will not be assessed the $25 service charge.


If you are currently enrolled in a cooperative degree program and have paid a medical services fee at another university, you are not eligible for services, unless you are enrolled in at least one on-campus course at UTA and meet all other proof of eligibility requirements outlined above. Dual credit students (high school students enrolled in University courses as part of their program) are not eligible for services.


If you have completed your course of studies at UTA and/or do not intend to pursue an additional degree at UTA, you may only receive services for a period of 30 days following completion of your studies. Services are limited to the same diagnosis for which you were treated for prior to course completion.


Faculty and staff currently enrolled in at least one on-campus class at UTA are eligible to receive services. Proof of eligibility is verified through MyMav. Health Services does not bill employee insurance for faculty and staff.

Online Students

If you are enrolled in a distance education (online only) program and would like to receive services through UTA Health Services, you can pay for the medical services fee through the UTA Marketplace and have access to services during the term for which you are enrolled. Currently enrolled online students can pay for the fee by visiting the link below.

UTA Marketplace