We are here to support your academic success by providing excellent health care and promoting wellness.
A patient being examined by a doctor using a stethoscope


We offer medical care similar to what you would receive from your primary care provider, from diagnosing and treating common illnesses and injuries to performing minor procedures and physical examinations.

A patient on a chair with a blue squeeze ball in hand


A wide range of common and specialized lab tests, including but not limited to testing for coronavirus, complete blood counts, infection checks, antibody testing, metabolic panels, urinalysis, sexual and reproductive health testing are available.

Patient getting a knee check up

Sports Medicine and X-Rays

Sports medicine is not limited to sports-related injuries. Evaluation and treatment for musculoskeletal injuries and other orthopedic complaints is available to all eligible students with the convenience of our on-site x-ray department.

Patient with a doctor reading a report


The gynecological health clinic provides a caring, confidential environment where you can feel at ease asking questions and having your concerns addressed.

Period Products

Period Products

UTA provides emergency period products for students that menstruate. Free period products are available in over 30 locations on campus.

A patient getting counselling by a doctor


Psychiatrists and a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner are available to provide psychiatric assessment and treatment to students for common mental health disorders, including medication management and brief psychotherapy.

A Patent getting a shot on arm


Get protected from vaccine preventable diseases by keeping up with your recommended immunization schedule. A variety of immunizations are available in the health center.

A person sitting at a desk with a pharmacist


Prescription, non-prescription and over-the-counter products are available in our on-site pharmacy.

Schedule an Appointment

All visits with UTA Health Services require an appointment. Medical providers will determine whether a telemedicine or in-person visit is necessary in order to provide treatment or care. Please call 817-272-2771 to schedule an appointment.