UTA Health Services values your feedback and wants to hear from you – what can we do better to improve your experience in the health center?
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How Can We Help?

UTA Health Services is committed to meeting and, preferably, exceeding your expectations. Positive and negative feedback on your impressions of the facility and experiences of care, service and staff are very important and encouraged.

Should you be dissatisfied or exceptionally satisfied with any aspect of your experience, please tell us. Suggestions are welcome as they provide us with your ideas on how to improve. All feedback is confidential and will not be recorded in your health record. Here are several ways to provide feedback: 

Speak with Your Provider

We hope you feel comfortable enough to speak directly with your health provider. Explain your concern to the physician or nurse practitioner and how you would like to resolve the issue. Be specific, make your position clear, and try to understand the other person's point of view. By working together, we hope to bring prompt resolution and satisfaction.

Speak with the Department Head

You may be more comfortable speaking directly with the department head or supervisor if you prefer not to speak with the person involved. Ask a staff member to speak to the manager of the department.

Patient Satisfaction Survey

All patients opting in for email notifications will receive a survey after their first visit to UTA Health Services or UTA CAPS.

Patient Feedback Form

Would you like to provide additional feedback? Please complete the Patient Feedback Form. All information is strictly confidential.

Patient Feedback Form


Notice Concerning Complaints

To file a formal complaint against a licensed professional, please review the following resources:  

Texas Medical Board

Texas Board of Nursing

Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council