The Office of Health Promotion provides health education and wellness workshops to classes, student organizations, and departments to improve the health and well-being of UTA students.

Wellness Workshops

Healthy Mavs 101

This presentation provides students with an overview of Health Services with an emphasis on Health Promotion resources and upcoming programming. It will also provide a brief overview of the 9 Dimensions of Wellness. 

99 Problems But Wellness Ain't One: 9 Dimensions of Wellness

This workshop explores each dimension of wellness: cultural, emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, physical, professional, sexual, and social. Students will complete a personal wellness assessment to identify which dimension(s) they are doing well in, and which need a little more attention. They will develop their own personal wellness goals and be provided with resources to help achieve them. 

Safer Sex is Sexcessful

Students will be able to make informed decisions regarding their sexual health and relationships through interactive activities and education. We will help break down barriers people may have when discussing their sexual health. 

ZZZs Get Degrees: Sleep Well & Do Well

Students will learn about the importance of sleep and its impact on their overall health. They will participate in a brief meditation practice and receive tips on getting better sleep. 

Blazing Through Time

Students will learn about the benefits of effective time management and strategies they can use to better control their time. They will be able to assess how they actually spend their day and review how they can be more productive with their time to achieve their goals.

Stress Less Strategies

In this workshop, students will learn how prolonged stress can be unhealthy and why using coping skills to manage stress is so important. Students will identify healthy coping skills they can use during times of stress or overwhelm and learn about available resources to help them.

Buzzed and Blazed: Identify Effects of Substance Misuse

Students will be empowered to make healthier decisions regarding prevention of substance misuse with an overview of alcohol and other drugs and the effects they have on the body.

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