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Alexis Washington, MS, CHESĀ®

Assistant Director of Health Promotion

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Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs (ATOD) Prevention Specialist


Meet Our Peer Health Educators

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Aastha Arora, Psychology major

Being an international student going to college for the first time, I experienced how hard it is to prioritize your health, all 9 dimensions of it. Understanding how difficult it can be to be aware of your needs and responsible for your wellness motivated me to become a Peer Health Educator. I am glad that I get to be a part of spreading awareness and reminding students to put themselves first. They are human beings before students, employees, etc.

Picture of camille candron

Camille Condron, Psychology and Biology major

I enjoy informing students of options and resources available to them on campus while a being a current student myself. The dimension of wellness I am most passionate about is financial. Finances affect students in many ways during their time in college and I enjoy helping students find ways to manage financial stress and save!

Picture of claire condron

Claire Condron, Biology major

One of my favorite things about being a Peer Health Educator is informing students on taking care of their emotional well-being and helping them embrace their cultural background! The dimensions of emotional and cultural wellness are the most important to me because they often correlate with one another. I enjoy learning about how different cultures function and thrive, while also getting to understand people's emotional responses and beliefs. This allows me to better understand the world around me, and I even get to make new friends!

Picture of maria mridu

Maria Mridu, Microbiology major

My favorite things about being a Peer Health Educator are the opportunities to interact with my peers while helping them and knowing I am contributing to health and wellness awareness on campus. I look forward to working with emotional wellness because as an international student I often deal with feelings of homesickness. Many international students don’t know how to deal with that. So, let’s help each other out to lead a healthy, happy life!

Picture of Tristha Joshi

Tristha Joshi, Exercise Science major, graduate student

As a Peer Health Educator, I want to educate students about the advantages of regular physical activity, since it affects our mental health and daily activities. Many college students nowadays struggle with obesity in adulthood, which can cause several disorders like cardiovascular diseases and other illnesses that could be prevented if students focused on improving their physical fitness. I want to promote healthy lifestyle to improve student’s physical and mental wellbeing through this opportunity. Small steps can lead to big change.

Picture of Wendy Hernandez

Wendy Hernandez, Exercise Science major

I became a Peer Health Educator because I wanted the chance to engage and inform students on important aspects of their lives. I think it is super important to make sure students are taking care of themselves while in college! I am grateful to be a part of team that has been so welcoming and caring about one another! I am excited to see how my role as a Peer Health Educator will continue to help our Mavericks!