Even if you are in peak health, having good health insurance coverage is important.
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The University of Texas System contracts with Academic Health Plans to provide an affordable and comprehensive student health insurance plan (UT SHIP) to UT Arlington students. The insurance plan, Academic Blue, is underwritten by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. Please visit Academic Health Plans for information about student health insurance coverage and how to enroll. Health insurance is not a requirement to be seen at Health Services. All enrolled UTA students that pay the Medical Services Fee are able to utilize Health Services and receive services at a discounted rate.


The annual deductible is waived and benefits paid at 100% of covered expenses incurred at Health Services. Prescription co-pays in the pharmacy are $15 for generic, $30 for preferred brand-name and $50 non-preferred brand-name prescriptions. Spouses and dependents enrolled in Academic Blue cannot receive treatment at UTA Health Services unless they are also enrolled UTA students. Please review Academic Health Plan benefits for more information.

Academic Health Plans Benefits


An annual deductible of $350 (in-network) $1,050 (out-of-network) applies for treatment received at a facility other than UTA Health Services. When seeking treatment outside of the student health center, please use the Provider Finder Tool from Blue Cross Blue Shield to find in-network doctors and hospitals in your area. Co-payments, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses are applicable when receiving treatment outside of the student health center.

Provider Finder

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Student Health Insurance - UT SHIP

UTA Health Services does not file claims for Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare or any other private health insurance at this time. 

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