About Us

The Office of Parent & Family Services engages, educates, and supports the entire family.
A mother and son high fiving in front of a sign that says "Maverick Family Pride."

What We Do

We aim to make the transition to college smooth and enjoyable for both you and your student by offering advice, keeping you informed, and standing by to answer your questions. We are always happy to help.


Welcome from the Director

You have raised your child into a bright, focused student with an incredible future on the not-too-distant horizon. Now that your student has chosen to earn a degree from UTA, there is no limit to what the future holds.

Earning a college degree is a concerted individual effort—but your student could not do it without you. Whether your student is living on campus or commuting to school, he or she will look to you for support and guidance. We know that the more information you have about UTA, the better you will be able to help your student make informed decisions.

The Office of Parent & Family Services is here to help. You can call or email the Parent & Family Services with questions, concerns, or comments. You can also visit the Office of PFS's website for up-to-date information, frequently asked questions, and other resources.

If you would like to be even more involved in your student’s UTA experience, we invite you to become a member of the Maverick Parent & Family Association, which is a network of parents and families who are committed to their student’s success and to furthering the mission of the University.

We hope you find the information on the following pages helpful and that you continue to utilize the Parent & Family Services throughout your student's college career. Through a collaborative partnership, we can work together to support and challenge students while allowing them to gain independence and develop their own identity.


UTA Office of Parent & Family Services Staff

817-272-2128 Maverick Family Warm Line


Parent and Family Services is dedicated to the advancement of student success through positive and meaningful collaborative partnerships with Maverick Families. We embrace the diversity of family structures, including families of origin and families of choice. As an office, we cultivate intentional educational involvement and engagement opportunities to pursue Maverick Family Success. 


Engaging, Educating and Supporting the Entire Maverick Family Every Step of the Way!

Our Goals


Serve as an advocate for parents/families and the University, both internally and externally, by facilitating communication and creating a climate that fosters mutual understanding .


Involve and engage parents and families in the University community to promote student development and retention.


Develop and implement programs and services that inform and educate parents and families about valuable resources, critical issues, and topics relevant to student success.


Create programs that promote parent and family involvement and opportunities for participation in their student's experience.