Students and Families of Off-Campus Students

Whether you live in the DFW Metroplex or within minutes from campus, you’re always welcome!
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Off-Campus Mavericks/Commuter students juggle a lot: making a place for themselves academically, making social connections and getting involved on campus. It is important that our off-campus students and families feel just as connected to the University of Texas Arlington as our on-campus students feel.

Supporting Your Off-Campus Student

You can help your student get the most out of college life with the following tips:

New Maverick Orientation

Attend the concurrent Parent & Family sessions when your student attends the freshmen, transfer, veteran or international New Maverick Orientation. Your attendance will show your student that you value their college experience and their choice of schools, even if you’ve visited numerous times before, if you’re an alumni, if you’re a University employee or have another student that attends the same institution.

Encourage involvement

We’ve learned through research and assessments in higher education that students who are actively engaged on campus tend to stay and finish their degrees at a higher rate than students who are less involved in campus activities. So, continue to encourage your student to take advantage of hundreds of on-campus registered student organizations. Participating in the various activities, programs and services outside the classroom can help your student feel more a part of campus life.

Explore Student Orgs

On-Campus Jobs

Most commuter students work, but there are benefits to working on-campus. Even if the wages are less than they could earn off campus. The support of college-based supervisors and the time on campus is beneficial.

Provide a quiet place to study

College studies require more time and effort than your student’s high school may have required. Your student may be spending several hours of study time for every hour that they are in class. The UTA Student Success Team recommends students study a minimum of 3 hours per credit hour. Your student will need time and space to study effectively, with limited interruptions.

Support your student’s efforts

If they are playing in the UTA Jazz Band, go to the concerts. Attend athletic events, programs that they helped to coordinate, and conferences they worked on. Your support means a great deal, even if your student may not always show it.

Stay involved

Get to know more about the activities your student has gotten involved in so you stay connected to your student. Make connections with the UTA Office of Parent & Family Services and attend family-centered events and programs. You're always welcome to attend, it’s Maverick Family Pride!

Encourage your student to find a commute partner

Students who carpool with classmates will meet new friends, have a more enjoyable commute experience and feel more connected to UTA.

Mavs Courtesy Escort

For traveling around campus after daytime hours, consider using the Mavs Courtesy Escort. This free service offers students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors an escort from one location to another. The hours of service are 7 p.m. to 3 a.m., 7 days a week during the semester*

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