Travel and Accommodations

Furnished room of West Hall


Several hotels in the Arlington area offer a special UTA Rate. Members of the Maverick Parent & Family Association are encouraged to utilize their member benefits and discounts for travel accommodations through the Maverick Discount Program. However, all Parent & Family Weekend participants can also visit the Arlington Convention and Visitor's Bureau website for an additional list of hotels that offer the UTA Rate.

UTA Rate

When arranging your hotel accommodations, please be sure to call the hotel directly and ask for the “UTA RATE” when making your reservations.

Rates subject to availability

Also, be aware that ALL rates are subject to availability and not valid for group travel.

You must be enrolled

Please know that you may be asked to verify your enrollment into the Maverick Discount Program or the Maverick Parent & Family Association.

Groups of 10+

Group travelers needing 10+ rooms, please email Scott Poland - Arlington Convention and Visitor's Bureau Representative Scott Poland for a list of recommended locations.

Blackout Dates

If you need to inquire about blackout dates, please contact each hotel directly.


Parent & Family Services regularly hosts Mav Essentials LIVE. Links to virtual events can be found on the University Events page, PFS Social Media Channels, and the Maverick Family Connection Portal.

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