Student Success Initiatives

Discover select student success initiatives to learn how we are helping every Maverick achieve their goals. Examples of accomplishments associated with this work are provided below.

Mavs on the Move

Student Success Metrics:


Degrees and certificates awarded



University Advising Center appointments



increase in 6-year FTIC graduation rate

since 2017


Increase in 4-year transfer graduation rate

since 2018


students supported by case managers for graduation

Spring 2021


increase in FTIC retention rate

since 2017

Student Success Help Desk

The Student Success Help Desk is here to help students overcome obstacles to timely graduation. Student Success Advocates (SSAs) support students by developing solutions to complex academic and non-academic issues that could adversely impact persistence or completion. After working with their academic advisor, students facing unresolved obstacles will contact the Student Success Help Desk for assistance at 157 student referrals were resolved in Fall 2020.

Student Success Help Desk


The Success with Academic Timeliness (SWAT) initiative process starts with the Student Success Help Desk and Student Success Advocates and involves the review of degree progress for students with >90 credit hours every semester. This in-depth review with campus-wide collaboration has increasingly resulted in identification of additional students for graduation. UTA has seen a 4% increase in the 4-year graduation rate and an 8% increase in the 6-year graduation rate since 2017 (IPEDS).

Academic Coaching

Student Success Advocates (assigned by college) work as academic success coaches to help students with academic skills and college-life management skills applicable to a variety of subjects and situations. Coaches will work individually with students to do an assessment and develop a customized plan for each student's unique needs. Students will evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, apply strategies, and reflect on the goals they have for academic coaching.

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APLU Powered by Publics

UTA is a participant and the Metropolitan Cluster Lead in APLU’s Powered by Publics (PxP) initiative. Together with 11 other urban institutions we are working to close the achievement gap through the sharing of evidence-based practices and a focus on proactive advising and student employment.

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Success U

The Success U program is a free, virtual opportunity for UTA first-time freshmen to get a head start on the transition to college. In 5 weekly sessions, you will have 10 academic strategy sessions, discuss your individual goals, and create an academic plan for fall. Students completing Success U will earn the $350 Provost’s Award to be applied to your student account for Fall. Registration is open through mid-summer.

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Terry Scholars

The Terry Scholarship is a last dollar scholarship funded by the Terry Foundation, which was founded by Howard and Nancy Terry. Students must meet a set of academic and event attendance requirements to maintain this scholarship annually. Since 2015, over 110 students at UTA have earned this prestigious opportunity and have been challenged to achieve their highest potential in scholarship, leadership, and service while building a community with fellow Terrys, students, faculty, and staff of UTA.

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UT System Curricular Innovation Grant Award

The Office of New Student Courses received a grant from UT System to engage first generation college students using experiential and project-based learning. Focusing on career development and service-learning, students will develop an understanding of why active citizenship and community engagement are important, cultivate a commitment to civic engagement and advocacy, and increase their sense of belonging within the UTA and Arlington communities.

Peer-led Team Learning

Weekly small group study workshops are offered to support STEM gateway courses with practice problem sets developed by faculty and facilitated by a student leader who was previously successful in the course. The goal is to help students gain a better understanding of the content, concepts, and how to apply what is learned. Peer-Led Team Learning was launched in Fall 2020 with 278 students who participated with 2,876 contact hours provided for two courses (ENGR 1251 and MATH 1421).

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Supplemental Instruction

Structured group study sessions are offered to support historically difficult courses which are led by a student leader who was previously successful in the course and who attends the classes with the students. SI empowers students to develop improved comprehension of class material with study techniques & strategies. From Fall 2019 – Spring 2020, 4,570 students were served, and 26,915 contact hours were provided with 74 courses supported.

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Tutoring services include 1:1 appointment-based and just-in-time learning opportunities with 24/7 online support both in synchronous and asynchronous modalities. The tutoring programs have received two levels of International ITTPC Certification by CRLA (College Learning and Reading Association) ensuring a standard of excellence across all tutoring services. ASC Tutoring AY Fall 2019 – Spring 2020, 1,630 students were served, and 8,466 contact hours were provided with 223 courses supported.

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Predictive Analytics

The University of Texas at Arlington uses predictive analytic tools, provided by Civitas Learning, to measure and monitor the persistence rates of students on its campus. This meaningful partnership helps UTA build a real-time analytics infrastructure that supports the programming and resources to support and maintain student success rates across our campus.

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Support for Colleges

Each year the Division of Student Success provides financial support for student success initiatives happening in UTA Colleges. By supporting graduate students, peer academic leaders, microgrants, and more we hope to provide a spring board for our colleagues’ great ideas to impact student success.

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Experiential Major Maps

Experiential Major Maps (EMM’s) are designed to help undergraduate students choose the correct courses needed to complete a degree at UTA as well as highlight important co-curricular activities.

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Project Based Learning (PBL)

In students’ first-year seminar courses we offer opportunities for students to engage in active and inquiry based learning. Students work in groups to explore and provide solutions for a real world problem they identify in their communities. 1,025 students engaged in PBL during spring ‘21 and 72% of UNIV courses taught in spring ‘21 have a PBL component.

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Tarrant To & Through (T3)

The Tarrant To & Through (T3) Partnership aims to ensure more Tarrant County students obtain a postsecondary credential and that each student has the training and skills they need to thrive in today’s workforce. All T3 Scholars at UTA will receive bridge programming the summer before their first semester, persistence coaching and resources to ensure they stay on track, and transfer student support should they choose to attend Tarrant County College and then transfer to a UTA.

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Residential Learning Communities

Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) are collaborative academic and social spaces where students live together, take classes together, and participate in experiential learning activities anchored in their academic major. A live-on Peer Academic Leader is part of the RLC experience. On average since 2016, students who live in an RLC are retained from their first to second year at the university at a higher rate (7%).

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Trio SSS

This program supports eligible students throughout the college experience. Program services include: individualized coaching (personal, career, and academic), academic success and skills development, tutoring, advice and assistance in course selection and financial aid programs and benefits, guidance on locating scholarships, and more. For 2019-2020, 94% of participants ended the year in “good academic standing”; 92% of TRIO SSS participants persisted to Fall 2020.

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Experiential Learning

In students’ first-year seminar courses, we offer opportunities for learning through doing, and for building transferable skills, by offering opportunities in the classroom to engage with UTA’s Maverick Advantage program. 144 sections of UNIV 1131 engaged in at least one experiential learning component during the 2020-2021 academic year, allowing students to get tangible experiences in research, global engagement, service learning, and leadership development.

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Nudges to the Finish Line (N2FL)

University Studies staff participated with researchers from UVA on a project titled Nudges to the Finish Line: Experimental Interventions to Prevent College Late Departure. The purpose of the project was to investigate whether low-cost, behaviorally informed nudges that provided personalized information to students about how they can finish their degree improved college completion rates at open-enrollment institutions. 34,260 messages were sent to UTA students from 2018-2019.

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Success Series

The Success Series offers workshops offered by presenters from across the university who care about student success. Through the Success Series, you'll learn more about campus resources and find answers to some of the common questions and concerns students have about university resources. Sessions also cover topics related to learning and enhancing skills for success at UTA and beyond.

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Dual Credit Scholars

UTA has many partnerships within DFW school districts. Within Grand Prairie ISD, students can complete teacher training coursework through our Education Leadership Preparation program. Students can also complete nursing program requirements through our partnership with Grand Prairie Early College High School. Within Dallas ISD, UTA has partnered with City Lab High School to provide an in depth look at the Architecture program. UTA has hosted 129 dual credit students in spring 2021.

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STEM Academy

Students at the AISD STEM Academy at Martin High School can take STEM focused courses during their junior and senior years of high school along with general core classes. This allows students to experience a more in-depth view of the STEM fields and to explore possible areas of interest while enrolled in courses at UTA. 39 STEM Academy students have matriculated to UTA following high school since 2019.

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LION Scholars

The AISD Lion Scholar program partners with Arlington Collegiate High School to allow students to complete dual credit coursework at UTA during their senior year of high school. These students are unique as they are also earning their Associate degree from Tarrant County College along with their high school diploma. These students focus on major specific courses while enrolled at UTA and 54 students have matriculated to UTA following high school since 2018.

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Major Exploration

Major Exploration is designed to help students discover personal attributes, connect them to majors at UTA, and guide students toward deciding on a major path. This process is open for all UTA students feeling unsure about their chosen major and involves an immersive online module designed to guide students from uncertainty toward a decision.

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Degree Map

Degree Map is a technology tool that allows students to track and plan their academic progress. It also guides students towards taking courses that will apply towards their major. A student’s academic advisor can also communicate with a student about their progress and make sequencing suggestions. Over 27,000 students accessed the platform in 2020.

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Student Success Task Force

A strategic group of campus administrators, faculty and staff who come together to discuss complex barriers, data insights and policies and to resolve issues affecting student success and influence change across the University.

New Student Courses

These first year seminar courses are designed to orient students to life on the Maverick campus by providing students with essential resources about major and career, instruction on critical thinking skills for academic success, and access to faculty and peer networks. In academic year ‘20-‘21, 5933 students have been served in these courses, 7440 near-peer office hours have been offered, and 2480 study group sessions have taken place.

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Peer mentoring

Peer Mentoring involves opportunities for peer-to-peer conversations regarding topics beyond academic concerns. Questions focused on study habits, planning, organization, time-management best practices, techniques to improve motivation for academic success and identifying strategies for adapting to campus life and academia at a large research university. For 2019-2020 year, we hosted 214 in-person contacts (220 hours), 98 contacts online (86 hours).

Ideas Center

Mobile TSI Testing

Academic Testing Center staff have partnered with local ISDs to provide the Texas Success Initiative (TSIA2) exam on high school campuses. UT Arlington provides placement testing in English, Language Arts, Reading, and Math to new and incoming students by means of the new TSIA2. This exam serves to ensure that students are advised for ideal course placement. 350 exams were administered across 4 districts in 2020.

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Credit by Examination

UT Arlington Academic Testing Center (ATC) serves as the liaison between students, testing companies, campus faculty, and key offices to interpreting scores from nationally accredited exams and converting them to course credit. This process can assist in decreasing student cost and time to degree completion. Academic Testing Services has been ranked as a Top 200 CLEP institution in the nation, administering over 1000 exams per year.

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MARK "Maverick Advisors Reaching for Knowledge"

Training provides UT Arlington advisors with the knowledge and skills to develop a strong foundation in best advising practices that enhance student learning and persistence. The training comprises of two tiers of sessions and modules, with each tier taking place across one semester. During the 2020-2021 academic year, 32 Advisors received their Tier 1 certificates and another 32 Advisors received their Tier 2 certificates.

Academic Advisor Professional Development

At UTA, new and continuing advisors have access to a series of professional development opportunities that include new academic advisor training, peer-led networking and discussions around best-practices through UTA's Advising Association, and university funded participation at local, regional, and national conferences and institutes. The knowledge academic advisors gain enhance the services offered to students.

University Studies Student Support

Graduate Interns from the School of Social Work work as Success Coaches specifically assigned to the University Studies Online population. Success Coaches make consistent and weekly outreach, monitor the Care Team inbox for student inquiries and concerns, and host biweekly virtual sessions on topics such as mindfulness and stress, career development, and general Q & A sessions. Success coaches will work with students and provide resources to help them successfully navigate their college career.

Summer Bridge Program

The UTA Summer Bridge program assists first-time in college students who are offered and accept admission to the Summer Bridge Program with advising, academic coaching and academic support. Students take two, 11-week courses and share a common experience with their peers to strengthen and develop key academic skills and develop a network of peers. Nearly 80% of 2020 Summer Bridge Program participants continued to the Fall semester.

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