New Student Courses

The Office of New Student Courses provides offers required courses students will need to take to help them be more successful in their academic careers at UTA. Whether it is your first time in college or transferring in from another institution, we are there to support your journey!

UT Arlington’s New Student Courses, housed within the Division of Student Success, are designed to orient students to life on the Maverick campus by providing them with essential resources for their student success, instruction on critical thinking skills for academic success, and access to faculty and peer networks. These courses are for undergraduate students who are entering their first semester of coursework at UTA and they are required for both first time in college students and transfer students.  Students are required to enroll in one of three major-specific courses (UNIV 1000, UNIV 1131 or UNIV 1101) or a departmental equivalent course.  Students should work with their academic advisor to enroll in the appropriate course for their major.  Students who have not yet declared a major should enroll in one of the Division of Student Success’s UNIV sections.  If a student would like to drop a New Student Course, they will need to get permission to do so and work with their academic advisor on that process.  Students are allowed 3 attempts to pass a UNIV course.  Transfer students who are non-degree seeking or who already hold a bachelor’s degree are not required to take a New Student Course, but they may still be required to take an equivalent course as determined by their college/school/department.  Transfer students may also meet an equivalency standard for the course if they have taken a similar one at their previous institution.  To determine if a student has a transfer equivalency, they should work with their academic advisor and fill out this form.

Grade Appeal Policy - The Office of New Student Courses

The procedure for pursuing grievances related to grades described in the undergraduate and graduate catalogs provide that it is the obligation of the student to first make a serious effort to resolve the grade dispute with the student’s instructor. The instructor has primary responsibility for assigning grades, and their judgment is final unless there is evidence of discrimination, preferential (differential) treatment or procedural irregularities. A mere disagreement with the judgment made by the instructor is not a valid basis for an appeal. No grade appeal will be considered one year after a grade is given. Appeals must be made through appropriate channels as described below.

  1. All students must first discuss the grade or academic grievance with the instructor. If the instructor is unavailable, the student may proceed in the appeal process and discuss the matter with the department chairperson responsible for the course for which the grade is being appealed (for UNIV courses this is the Director of New Student Courses). If unable to reach agreement with the instructor or department chairperson, the student may file a grievance.
  2. The students’ appeal must be submitted in writing. The form is available below. The student must submit the form and any supporting documentation the student wishes to provide to the department chairperson for deliberation. 
  3. If the student is dissatisfied with the chairperson’s decision, they may appeal the case to the Associate Vice Provost for Student Success. The Associate Vice Provost’s decision is final.

Students have one year from the day grades are posted to initiate a grievance concerning a grade including presenting evidence of differential treatment and/or procedural irregularities.

Undergraduate and Graduate Grade Policies and Procedure are available in the university catalog.

New Student Courses - UNIV Grade Appeal Form


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