Credit by Examination: DSST

Detailed descriptions of all DSST examinations, sample questions, and suggested resources for preparation can be accessed through the web at UTA is an open DSST test center.

The DSST tests are computer based and you can receive your scores the same day that you test. You will create your own user name and password, which will enable you to obtain your scores online at from any remote location.

The DSST examinations and scores that are accepted by UTA for credit by examination are listed below. Students who would like credit here at UTA should have their scores sent to UTA, Testing Services (8025).

DSST Examination Program1

Satisfactory Scores and Course Credit
1DSST scores reported on an official DSST Transcript that meet the minimum requirements for DSST in the section above may be used for credit by examination.
2A score of 67 or now 422 and a passing score on the essay is required for credit for PHIL 1304. The essay for this examination must be sent to UTA(8025), where it will be scored by faculty in the Philosophy Department.
Subject Examination Score UTA Courses
ART Art of the Western World 48 or 434 ART 1309 or 1310
CRIMINAL JUSTICE Criminal Justice 54 or 428 CRCJ 2334
ECONOMICS Money and Banking 50 or 422 ECON 3303
MATHEMATICS Principles of Statistics 48 or 400 MATH 1308
PHILOSOPHY Ethics in America 67aor 422 PHIL 1304
PHYSICAL SCIENCE Astronomy  400 GEO 4330
PHYSICAL SCIENCE  Environmental Science 400  GEO 4334 


Please review the general Policies and Procedures page for more information.


"Credit by examination can be awarded only for courses in which the student has neither a passing nor a failing grade (including a Z in English) at UTA or transfer credit from another institution of higher education." To read the complete list of credit-by-exam policies for UTA please go to:Credit by Examination.


Fees are $30 to UTA as an administration fee and $100 to DSST on the day of the test by credit card only.


You can register for the DSST here: UTA Testing Services Scheduling site.