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New Student Courses – UNIV Course Process

New Student (UNIV) Courses serve all new students on UTA’s campus each fall and spring semester. The following document provides guidance and direction on how to engage with the courses from an administrative and faculty perspective. The information in this document offers clarity on how to set up course schedules, assign Instructors of Record, work with Transfer equivalencies and other exemptions, and a number of other processes associated with the course and its administration.

UNIV Course Processes

Faculty Interested in Being an IOR for a UNIV Course

Being an Instructor of Record (IOR) for a UNIV course is a wonderful opportunity to work with incoming students new to UTA and prepare them for success as a student in your major and for a career in your field.

We offer two courses for incoming students:

UNIV 1131: Student Success. This course is for university freshman and focuses on acclimating students to what it means to be a student at the college level.

UNIV 1101: Student Success and Career Development. This course is for students transferring into the university and focuses on acclimating students to what it means to be a student at UTA and how to become prepared for a career on their major.

Role of Faculty: While the Peer Academic Leader will deliver course content related to the mechanics of studying and involvement, the faculty should spend their class sessions introducing students to the culture of being a student within their department and major. Additionally, the IOR will facilitate conversations regarding career exploration and preparedness within the major field.

Minimum Course Requirements for an IOR:

  • 2 (UNIV 1131) or 4 (UNIV 1101) class visits per semester
  • Connect major content to real world applicability
  • Identify opportunities within the College and/or major for students to get involved
  • Discuss relevant research occurring in the field
  • Input/approve grades at the end of the semester

All IOR for a UNIV course need to have an approved CCQ with the university to teach a course.  If you are interested in becoming an Instructor of Record for a UNIV course, or for more information, please contact Danielle Klein, Director of New Student Courses, at