Credit by Examination: SAT II

These examinations must be taken at national testing centers on national test dates. For more information, visit

Students should request the testing company send their scores to UTA, Testing Services  (College Board Code 6013). The examinations and minimum scores for eligibility for credit are listed below:

1All SAT II: Subject Test scores must be on the recentered scale or its equivalent.
*2020-2021 school year.
Subject Examination Score UTA Courses
HISTORY* United States 590 HIST 1301 HIST 1302    
World History 590 HIST 2321 HIST 2322    
LATIN Latin 500 LATN 1441 LATN 1442    
Latin 600 LATN 1441 LATN 1442 LATN 2313  
Latin 700 LATN 1441 LATN 1442 LATN 2313 LATN 2314
PHYSICS Physics 680 PHYS 1441 PHYS 1442