Placement Examinations


The UTA Mathematics department requires placement tests prior to enrolling for certain lower-division courses. The Mathematics department does not award credit by examination on the basis of the Mathematics Placement Test. For questions in regards to your exemption status please contact them at 817-272-3261 or please visit the Math Department.


The Modern Language department recommends students take a placement test prior to enrolling for certain lower division courses. Modern Language placement tests may be taken in an attempt to earn credit by examination.

Before registering for French 1441, German 1441, or Spanish 1441, the Modern Language department recommends students who are heritage speakers and those students who have a background in French, German, or Spanish, including high school classes, to take a CLEP test for that language.

The World Language CLEP test also serves as a basis for credit-by-examination. The specific test score determines the student's eligibility to receive credit for one to four semesters. Students have the option to choose credit with letter grade or credit without letter grade for credit earned on the basis of the CLEP test. The CLEP tests may be repeated once every three months. Additional credit by examination policies and information are found in the sections below.

The requirement for modern language in a degree plan varies by department at UTA. Students should consult the Undergraduate Catalog and their academic advisor for answers to specific questions.


Some academic departments use examinations which are not listed on our web site to place students in an appropriate level course. Students should request information from their academic advisor about placement policies not listed in this web page.


Please review the general Policies and Procedures page for more information.


The CLEP tests are scheduled through UTA Testing Services at UTA Testing Services Scheduling site. Regular test dates are available throughout the school year.


The fee for the CLEP Subject exam is $89* to CLEP and a separate $30 administration fee to UTA. Fees are subject to change without notice. (*CLEP ticket fees subject to change)