It is not necessary to complete the FASFA prior to applying, but you will want to try to have it completed by January 15th (the state of Texas deadline). If you are selected for a final interview with the Foundation, they are going to ask you questions about your finances that will come directly from your FASFA information. No student will be able to receive funding, no matter if they are selected by the Foundation or not, if they do not complete the FASFA. If you are selected for an interview, you are encouraged to bring a printed copy of your Student Aid Report with you to the interview so that you are prepared for any financial questions the Foundation may have at the interview.
In order to start in the summer, you would need approval from both the Terry Foundation and the Campus Terry Coordinator. This is really NOT recommended! If you would like further information or clarification on this, please consult with the Terry Scholar Coordinator at terryscholars@uta.edu prior to enrolling in summer classes to avoid taking classes that will cause you to become ineligible for the scholarship. If you take summer courses at UTA, you must earn a minimum of a 2.5 GPA or you may become ineligible for your scholarship.
The University of Texas at Arlington requires all "first time-first year" students to register for and attend and complete a New Maverick Orientation program. In addition to that orientation, there will be a separate orientation for Terry Scholars just before the semester starts. These two orientations are very different and both are required if you receive the scholarship.
Taking the Terry Scholar Student Success Learning Community course is a requirement. If you fail to meet any requirements, or drop your Student Success Learning Community course at any time, then you will be removed from the Terry Scholars program, and may lose your scholarship. Also, given that your housing assignment was based on your participation in the Terry Scholars program, it may also affect your housing assignment.