University Studies Degree Program

About the program

The University of Texas at Arlington's Bachelor of Science degree in University Studies is designed for students seeking options beyond the traditional university majors. This program features a range of academic disciplines that will prepare you for a variety of career paths or enhance your current career. Through this program, you will earn your bachelor's degree in University Studies, giving you a unique educational profile that you can market to employers or graduate programs.

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What can University Studies do for you?

  • Tailor your degree to find your quickest path to graduation
  • Provide options for applying any existing completed hours toward a degree
  • Hone your skills in important areas such as communication, critical thinking, project management, and problem-solving
  • Help you become a well-rounded candidate and stand out in the job market to potential employers

Quick Facts

  1. 5 week, 8 week and full term courses available
  2. Can utilize up to 90 hours of transfer coursework
  3. 120 total hours to degree completion
  4. 2.0 GPA requirement
  5. Fully online option available