Information for Faculty

What is SI?

SI is a peer education program that targets difficult classes.  Smart, savvy students who have previously taken the courses run study session outside the classroom.  SI works—UT Arlington data indicates that student who take advantage of SI earn better grades.

  • Involves weekly study sessions, facilitated by SI student leaders.
  • Targets historically difficult courses.
  • Includes faculty in the process.
  • SI is free.

Why SI?

SI offers a wide range of benefits to faculty:

  • Improve student interaction in class
  • See more students succeed
  • Improve student understanding of concepts
  • Work with and mentor top UT Arlington students

Who are SI Leaders?

SI Leaders are students who have successfully completed a specific course with a specific professor.  SI Leaders serve as peer role models and, therefore, must have solid note taking, communication, and study skills.

SI Leaders

  • Attend each lecture and take notes.
  • Design creative session plans based on material emphasized in lectures, homework assignments, and exam objectives. 
  • Hold two or three study sessions a week.
  • Meet with the professor/instructor weekly for feedback.
  • Encourage students to attend SI session.

What will I be required to do?

The SI program has been designed to minimize additional faculty time commitment.  Initially, we ask for assistance in identifying and approving SI Leaders.  ASC will hire, pay for, train, and supervise the SI Leader.  Over the course of the semester we encourage you to promote SI attendance, meet with the SI Leader weekly, and allow the SI Leader a few minutes of class time to make announcements.

Will I know who is attending SI sessions?

No, one of the unique features of SI is the anonymity of the participants to encourage attendance.  Over the course of the semester faculty will not be given the names of those students who attended SI sessions.  Faculty will receive a summary at the end of the semester (after grades are posted) of class performance for students who attended SI sessions and students that did not attend SI sessions (average grades, participation rates, etc.).

How can I request SI for my class?

Requests for participating in the SI program should be made a semester in advance to allow time for hiring and training the SI Leader.  Requests can be made by contacting ASC at 817-272-2617.  If you would like to recommend a student as an SI Leader, please complete the Faculty Recommendation form, found HERE.