UT CAP (Coordinated Admissions Program)

Group Advising

Sign up for a group advising session here: https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/UAC_UTCAP@bookings.uta.edu/bookings/ 

Once you complete your group advising session, your academic advising hold will be removed.


UT CAP Contacts at UTA

Advising – Lauren Minaudo, capadvisor@uta.edu


Program Information

The University of Texas System developed the Coordinated Admission Program (CAP) to expand the admission options available to students interested in enrolling at The University of Texas at Austin, the system’s flagship university.

In general, CAP makes it possible for some freshman applicants to UT Austin to begin their studies at another UT System university. After completing CAP requirements during their freshman year, students transfer to UT Austin to complete their undergraduate studies.

If you are offered and decide to participate in CAP, you don’t have to apply for admission to the UT System university you attend during your freshman year. Simply complete the CAP agreement to let us know that you want to participate. You’re guaranteed admission to most majors in UT Austin’s College of Liberal Arts upon successful completion of the program (although admission to specific Liberal Arts majors are not guaranteed). And just like any other prospective transfer student, you’ll be able to compete for admission to majors in colleges outside of Liberal Arts.

The University of Texas at Austin website for Coordinated Admissions program 

UT CAP approved courses 

UTA UT CAP Degree Plan 

UT CAP Timeline


Students who attend UTA to fulfill their CAP requirements to transfer to UT Austin will have to attend UTA for summer, fall, and spring. Below is the required course-taking pattern for a UT CAP student at UTA. Please note, UT CAP students at UTA must start in the summer. All courses will be either face-to-face, online, or hybrid for the summer. 

Summer: must take 6 hours

  • Students will enroll in a minimum of 6 credit hours. This can be any session in the Summer 2022 semester.
  • All courses will be either face-to-face, online, or hybrid this summer. Please note that to fulfill UT CAP requirements UT Austin will only accept courses taken at UTA.

Fall: must take 9 hours

  • Students will enroll in a minimum of 9 credit hours and a maximum of 11 credit hours if necessary. The credit hours must include a UNIV first-year seminar course.

Spring: take 15 hours

  • Students should enroll in 15 credit hours unless they will meet with 30 credit hour requirement with fewer hours.   

Staying at UT Arlington (opting out)

Step 1 - Opt out for UTA  Admissions

  • Open Mymav
  • Choose the title labeled "My Forms"
  • Choose UT CAP opt out 
  • Fill out the form and submit 

Step 2 - Opt out at UT 

CAP Application Questions

No, you don’t. If you complete and submit the online CAP agreement, UT Austin will send the application materials to UTA. You will need to submit a final high school transcript to UTA showing your graduation date.

There is not a waitlist. If you were not able to submit to UTA, you can choose another participating CAP school or apply as a non-CAP student to UTA. UTA has a limited amount of spots available for eligible CAP students. UTA accepts agreements on a first-come, first-served basis. Once UTA has received the agreements to reach the limit, the ability to submit the CAP agreement is closed. If you are interested in attending UTA as a non-CAP student, you can do so by submitting an application for admission and the supporting documents before the freshman deadline of June 1.

Enrollment and Course Questions

Texas college students who are new to the institution and students returning after an absence of at least one fall or spring semester who are under age 22 on the first day of the term are required to submit documentation of immunization against bacterial meningitis.


Students may use the UT Arlington Bacterial Meningitis Immunization Record form as proof of vaccination. A portion of this form must be completed and signed/stamped by a healthcare provider or pharmacy.

An acceptable meningitis document will include the following:

  • Full name of student
  • Name of facility where the vaccination was given
  • Vaccine administration date 
  • Signature of physician/provider OR stamp
  • Administered within the last 5 years of the admit term
  • Document must be in English

A receipt of your visit will not suffice as proper documentation. Students who have not turned 22 before the start of the admit term are still required to provide proper meningitis documentation. 

Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a state law requiring all Texas public institutions, including UT Arlington, to determine college readiness in Reading, Writing, and Math for all degree-seeking undergraduate students, both on campus and online.



You can view your TSI status in your MyMav account (MyMav Student Center -> TSI Status).



  • TSI Complete = you have met all TSI requirements and do not need to take further action
  • TSI Not Complete = you have attempted the TSI Assessment and have failed one or more sections; developmental coursework is required
  • TSI Liable = you will be required to take the TSI Assessment in the area(s) for which you do not have an exemption; you must take the assessment or provide proof of exemption before you can enroll in classes



A list of TSI exemptions can be found here.

If you believe that you qualify for an exemption or have questions about exemptions, please email tsi@uta.edu for a review of your TSI status. Make sure to send the email from your UTA email account and provide your full name and UTA ID number.

Please ensure that you have submitted all test scores, transcripts, or other documentation that you believe may exempt you from taking the assessment, as the TSI Advisors will not be able to advise you without that documentation.

No. Dual credits and Test credits can be counted towards prerequisites and/or degree requirements, but not towards the 30-credit hour UT CAP requirement.

CAP requires that during a CAP year, participants must successfully complete courses that total 30 transferable credit hours, from the approved CAP course list, at the participating university.

Test credits must be petitioned to have them posted officially posted on a college transcript. Test credits do not expire and can be petitioned at UTA or after you transition to UT Austin. 

Dual credits or other College credits are posted on an official college transcript which must be sent to UTA.  High School transcripts cannot be used for official college credits.

Please let your academic advisor know of any college credits coming in to avoid re-taking a course.  Duplicate courses will show as Illegal Repeat on the UTA official transcript.

The Number of Course Credits You’ve Already Earned

Students who have earned a number of AP or IB credits in high school may have difficulty finding courses from the approved CAP course lists. If, after reviewing the approved course listing, you find there are not enough available courses to complete the 30-hour requirement, then CAP is not the best option for you.  You would be better served attending college elsewhere as a regular freshman. After attaining 30 college credits, apply to transfer to UT Austin. By doing this, you lose the guarantee of admission that comes with CAP participation and so will have to compete for a space with the transfer applicant pool. However, this option will mean that your freshman year will be more academically challenging and productive. 


Any hours taken outside of UTA will not be counted towards your 30 hours needed for CAP. The 30 hours all need to be taken at UTA. The CAP agreement specifies that participants should not take college level courses at other colleges during their CAP year, because doing so may cause disqualification from CAP. (This excludes any already completed AP, IB, or dual credits.) Participants may take college level courses the summer immediately after the CAP year.


Students who successfully complete the CAP requirements during their freshman year are guaranteed admission to the College of Liberal Arts. However, many CAP students are interested in applying to other majors at UT Austin, like Business, Natural Sciences, Engineering and Communication. Students interested in architecture or interior design should carefully consider their options before enrolling in CAP. Majors in the School of Architecture are not available for competitive transfer after CAP. The UT System institution you select for your freshman year will provide courses that will transfer as part of the university’s core curriculum, but they may not all serve as prerequisite courses for some majors at UT Austin. The participating CAP universities cannot guarantee that the courses you take as a freshman will help you to prepare for transfer into programs outside Liberal Arts. CAP students can ask to be considered in the transfer applicant pool for a non-Liberal Arts major without jeopardizing their automatic admission to Liberal Arts, but admission to some majors is highly competitive. If your goals clearly point to one of our most competitive majors, you should consider attending a college or university where your pathway to your desired major is more certain.

Each college level course is valued by a certain number of credit hours. The credit hours that are accepted by other universities are known as transferable credits. Applying transferable credits to CAP, all of the courses on the designated CAP list have been approved by UT Austin and are guaranteed as recognized transfer credits to UT Austin. Please note that CAP requires a minimum of a “C”, in order for UT Austin to accept the course as transferable credits.

UT Austin maintains an online list of approved courses for CAP students. All of the courses on this list have been approved by UT Austin and are recognized transferable credits to UT Austin. Advance Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and dual credits may be transferable to UT Austin and applicable to your intended major there, upon successfully transferring to UT Austin.

Yes, all incoming freshmen, including CAP students, are expected to take this academic inquiry course. This class is in the CAP list of approved courses and may be able to satisfy the signature course required at UT Austin. This also means that UNIV 1131 will transfer to UT Austin and will be applied toward the required 30 credit hours. More information about the actual course can be given during the participants’ orientation.
Some courses must be successfully completed before other classes can be taken. The former are referred to as prerequisites. The approved CAP list has classes that are prerequisites to course required for intended UT Austin majors. Participants are encouraged to identify these classes and confirm with their UTA advisor if they are eligible to take. (Please note that per the CAP agreement, your UTA advisor is responsible to advise on the approved list of courses. They do not advise on UT Austin majors. All questions related to UT Austin majors should be directed to UT Austin.). While some courses serve as prerequisites, other classes within the CAP list require prerequisites before being taken.  All UTA students, including CAP participants, must successfully complete the needed prerequisite(s) in order to enroll in these course(s).
In order to come to UTA as a UT CAP student, your first semester must be Summer 2022. Classes start for the summer session on June 6. Please note that UT Austin will only accept courses taken at UTA. 

Financial Aid Questions

Your federal aid will remain the same, which means you will still be eligible for the Federal Pell Grant, if you meet requirements, and Federal Stafford Loans as a CAP student.  However, if you were a recipient of any UTA specific scholarship, including Distinguished Presidential Scholarship or Maverick Scholarship, these are only for students who will pursue their degree at UTA.
Depending on the type of aid you receive, the amounts may differ by only a fraction.  Enrollment hours typically affect grant money by prorating it to the portion of hours enrolled, meaning if you are enrolled part-time in 9 hours you will receive three-quarters of your grant.  On the other hand, student loan awards are not affected by being less than full-time, which allows you to receive the full amount awarded. For more information, click here.
Yes, it is. You will have to go online to www.studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa and submit a FAFSA for 2021-2022 aid year. UTA’s school code is 003656. While consideration is given to all financial aid requests, the priority deadline for financial aid is January 15, 2021. You will be eligible for federal aid based on your FAFSA information and the funds that are available when you complete your financial aid application.  For additional questions about deadlines, please check out our page at www.uta.edu/fao.

Orientation Questions