UT CAP (Coordinated Admissions Program)

Program Information

To be eligible for guaranteed admission to the UT Austin College of Liberal Arts (excluding the majors in Economics or Environmental Science), Coordinated Admission Program students must complete 30 transferable semester hours of approved coursework (including a mathematics course other than College Algebra) with at least a 3.2 grade point average.

CAP students may compete for external transfer admission in Business, Communication, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Geosciences, Liberal Arts (Economics or Environmental Science), Natural Sciences, Nursing, pre-Pharmacy, and Social Work. Pursuing admission in these UT Austin programs does not compromise a student’s guaranteed admission to Liberal Arts.

Approved CAP courses are available on the Approved CAP Course List (with UT Austin transfer credit evaluations). For CAP purposes you can take any listed course, subject to availability and UT Arlington’s placement, prerequisite, or other requirements. Courses in which grades lower than C− are earned do not transfer. Consult an academic advisor before selecting courses, and review the Recommended Courses following the list for major-specific course recommendations.

All UT CAP students are advised by the UAC. Any UT Austin-specific questions (college admissions criteria, degree plans, etc.) should be directed to UT Austin CAP.

Helpful Links:

UT CAP Contacts at UTA

Admissions – Rose Washington, 817-272-6287, rwashing@uta.edu

Advising – Lisa Rose, 817-272-3140, lirose@uta.edu