Residential Learning Communities


A Residential Learning Communities (RLC) is an exciting way for first-year students to merge their academic priorities with their personal and social goals. You join a RLC based on your major and live among other students with similar interests and degree plans. As part of the emphasis on community, residents typically share common cohort classes and have access to other academic services and programming provided in the RLC. In addition, your first-year student success course will be co-taught by a faculty member and an upper-class student known as a Peer Academic Leader. The RLC program enhances your academic and social success by creating partnerships and study groups with other students in your major from your first day at UTA!


  • Reserved seats in important core classes
  • Live in one of our Residence Halls with your fellow RLC students and Peer Academic Leader
  • Study groups
  • First year student success class focused specifically on being successful in your major
  • Valuable personal experiences from the Peer Academic Leader
  • Historically RLC students have been more successful in their other courses

How do I apply?

Visit the University Housing website and apply one line through the Housing Application system.

Other questions?

If you have any other questions, check out our FAQ page or reach out to us directly by emailing or visiting our contact page!